FlyQuest IgNar: "I just want to shout out Wildturtle's mentality... He never gave up."

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In the second round of the upper bracket in the League Championship Series Summer Split Playoffs, FlyQuest became the first NA team to qualify for Worlds after defeating Cloud9 in an extremely one-sided four-game series. Their single loss came from what should've been a cleanly executed FlyQuest second victory that turned into a series of throws that ultimately gave Cloud9 the victory instead. 


However, it would be the only one they took in the series, as FlyQuest dominated each other game till the final nexus fell, sending them to Worlds. While Cloud9 played Ezreal-Yuumi throughout the series, Jason "WildTurtle" Tran and Lee "IgNar" Dong-geun played a variety of duos, showcasing mastery of various styles and the synergy between them.


We spoke with IgNar after the series to ask about FlyQuest's strength and style, WildTurtle's return to the LCS, and who the best player is on the team. Read the transcription below or watch the video interview on our YouTube here.




Parkes here with Inven Global, you just took Cloud9 and are the first NA team to make it to Worlds! How are you feeling after the win? 


I'm just really happy because my last Worlds appearance was in 2017. And I promised Tristan "PowerOfEvil" Schrage and WildTurtle that we'd make Worlds this year, and then we made it! So I'm just really happy. 


Yeah speaking of POE, how has it been playing with him again and how do you two keep showing up big together?


I don't know. Basically I think we're both just good players, maybe. We're not bad, maybe just okay players, but we have good synergy. When we talk, we just feel it at the same time, we go together and fight together, and I think that's huge. So I think synergy is really huge with him. 


It definitely showed today. But before we go on, what happened in Game 2? That was an easy win based on what you did, so what happened? 


I think it was just that we lost our... We made one mistake and then we made a chain of mistakes. So I think that was big, but I knew that we didn't play too bad, so if we just focused we'd be able to win. So Game 2 was just unlucky in my opinion. [So you didn't get too nervous after that?] Yeah, everyone was totally fine. Everyone was saying, "We can beat them, the enemy is trolling." 


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So let's talk about you and your playstyle. It's a bit different than other supports - you roam a lot and focus on engages. Why do you play like that and not the stuff like Yuumi? 


At first, I just liked that playstyle more than just defending against enemy plays. I also think I'm better at this style. I'm not saying I can not play defensively, but in my opinion, attacking the enemy first is better than just defending their attacks. That's why I play this way. Also, this is more fun to watch, and it's easier to win. I like both of those things so that's why I play this way. 


Well a couple of weeks ago they said on the broadcast that you spend the least amount of time bot lane with your duo and I talked to WildTurtle about it who said you were just always leaving him! So don't you feel bad making him 1v2 all the time!?


Hahaha! To be honest, it's true. But also many enemy Supports are just afking in lane, that's why my stats look more extreme. But also I think this playstyle is really strong. I'm not sure about throughout the world, but especially in this region. So we just practice it. And also Turtle is really smart about the games, so he doesn't die. Well, sometimes he dies, but compared to other ADCs he's very stable. And when we play like this we have a better win rate. So I think we'll keep playing like this. 


How is it playing with WildTurtle? Partway through the split, you were playing with Brandon "MasH" Phan, and from the outside, it looked like he had a great KDA and good damage. But then you put Wildturtle back in and seemed to improve a lot. How did that make you better? 


I think it was just a sloppy time for our team [at the beginning of the split], not just for Turtle but for everyone. So we just tried to find a solution or something. And finally, we found the answer. I just want to shout out Wildturtle's mentality. I think his mentality is positive and strong in real life. Even when he got benched, he didn't get sad at all, he just thought, "I can play better so I can come back."


But I know many players when they get benched, they get depressed, maybe take a one week break, or they just retire or something, you know? But he never gave up, he played so much soloqueue and was really tryhard in soloqueue. And he was tryhard in scrims as well.


▲ Image Source: Riot Games


He's been great in Playoffs! So you had some funny banter with Vulcan after the game, calling him out on Twitter, do you feel like you're making some rivalries now that you've been here a bit? 


To be honest, I really hate making a toxic tweet or having bad behavior to your enemy after the game. Like before the game, if you do, I don't care, because if you lose the game you look like a clown. But if you do it after the game it seems so bad in my opinion. But I see C9 doing that so much, and my team just wants to punish them, just like this. So that's why I tweeted that. 



They probably deserve it! But you guys were 1-10 in the last two years of games, now today you went 3-1 (or 4-0 without that throw), so what happened in this series to flip the script? 


I think we just really focused on our draft and how we stabilize the game because I think C9 is a team that flips a lot in the early game, so we just practice what we should do and pick against C9 especially. That was the biggest thing I think, just the preparation. 


You'll have either Team Liquid or Golden Guardians next week. Who do you expect to win and do you think you'll beat them to get first seed at the end of the playoffs? 


I think TL has a 70% chance, GG only a 30%. So most likely TL. And also I think we can be first-place team in LCS. Last split we were second, so this time maybe first? I just hope we get better than last time.


Okay, this last question is a bit troll, but both Lucas "Santorin" Larsen and POE are on the MVP list. If it came down to just those two, and then you had to choose who got MVP, who would you pick?


I think... I think both are good, but I think it's POE. For our team, he puts out so much DPS. He is doing a lot of damage consistently, so I think it's him in my opinion. 


All good, gotta go with the old teammate! Anything you want to say to your FLY fans now that you're off to Worlds? 


This year in FlyQuest everyone is really tryharding, both players and management tried to be fresh. See TreeQuest and SeaQuest. We tried to do more socially, and then we practiced more as well. So it's really nice to see so many people liking us. I feel that a lot of people like us. I'm really happy when people like us, so I really appreciate that and we will try our best. 



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