Legends of Runeterra Call of the Mountain spoilers: Four new Targon cards, new keyword revealed

Artwork by: Riot Games


Spoiler season for Call of the Mountain has started! Legends of Runeterra's newest expansion is expected to hit August 26, bringing in seven new champions and 82 new non-champion cards, alongside a new region: Targon.


Today, Riot revealed the first four new cards from the expansion, all belonging to Targon. This is still too few cards to really grasp the identity of the new region, but from what we're seeing so far, Targon might be heavy on support/unit protection mechanics. This is something that Demacia already does well, however, so we'll have to wait and see how Targon differs.


Riot's video also shows a new keyword: Spellshield, which stops the next enemy spell or skill affecting it. Unlike barrier, it doesn't disappear at the end of the round (based on the wording) and can save a unit from targeted removals like Vengeance or Will of Ionia, and it'd be interesting to see whether the spell also saves the unit from mass removals like Ruination. 




New keyword: Spellshield

Nullifies the next enemy spell or skill that would affect this unit.



Tyari the Traveler

  • Targon
  • 2 mana
  • 2/2
  • Support: Grant my supported ally +0 | +2


Mountain Sojourners

  • Targon
  • 5 mana
  • 2/5
  • Support: Grand my supported ally +2|+2. If that ally has Support, also grant its supported ally +2|+2

Arbiter of the Peak

  • Targon
  • 10 mana
  • 6/6
  • Overwhelm
  • Reduce my cost by 1 for each time you've targeted or supported allies this game


  • Targon
  • 3 mana
  • Burst Spell
  • Give an ally Spell Shield this round


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