[LCK Today] DRX and DWG continue to compete for the top with win over SB and SP


On the 8th (KST), DRX and DAMWON Gaming each shut out SANDBOX Gaming and SeolHaeOne Prince in the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea Summer Split.


Both of the games in the match between DRX and SANDBOX Gaming featured Ashe vs Caitlyn. Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu and Ryu “Keria” Min-seok’s Ashe and Morgana dominated their opponent’s Caitlyn and Bard. DRX kept snowballing their lead, collecting most of the objectives on the map and all SANDBOX Gaming was able to do was to delay their march. It seemed that SANDBOX Gaming might be able to turn the game around, but DRX didn’t budge. After acquiring the Baron buff, DRX closed the game.


Game 2 was more dominating than the first game. Choi “Doran” Hyeon-joon’s Kennen had an amazing game, picking up five solo kills. DRX picked up wins in skirmishes all over the Rift and there was no way that SANDBOX Gaming was able to come back. Through the win, DRX collected their 13th win of the season.



To DAMWON Gaming the early game kill score didn’t matter. In the early game, Park “Kuma” Hyeon-gyu’s Lee Sin moved around the Rift actively, feeding kills to his teammates. However, the global gold difference didn’t spread much apart. Rather, Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon’s Jayce, who gave up the first blood, came back strong very quickly. SeolHaeOne Prince was able to smile for a short time. After they early game, they fell helplessly.


Game 2 was like a replay of game 1, just on the other side. DAMWON Gaming countered SeolHaeOne Prince’s impulsive attempts very systematically. As DAMWON Gaming took benefits from the early game, the game was blown in no time. DAMWON Gaming pounded on SeolHaeOne Prince the whole time until their Nexus was destroyed. Without much trouble, DAMWON Gaming returned to the top of the standings.



62020 LCK Summer Split August 8th Results


DRX 2 : 0 SANDBOX Gaming

DAMWON Gaming 2 : 0 SeolHaeOne Prince

2020 LCK Summer Split Standings


1st DAMWON Gaming 13-2 (+23)

2nd DRX 13-2 (+17)

3rd Gen.G 10-4 (+13)

4th T1 10-4 (+11)

5th Afreeca Freecs 8-6 (+3)

6th kt Rolster 6-8 (-5)

7th SANDBOX Gaming 6-9 (-8)

8th Team Dynamics 4-10 (-9)

9th Hanwha Life Esports 1-13 (-21)

10th SeolHaeOne Prince 1-14 (-24)



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