[UPDATED 7/21] [Official] Meteos released from 100 Thieves, Kenvi and Tenacity join 100 Academy

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Tuesday afternoon, July 21st, 100 Thieves announced they were mutually parting ways with Jungler William "Meteos" Hartman. Meteos was benched from the main roster and moved to Academy after Week 3 of the LCS, replaced by Juan "Contractz" Garcia. William "Stunt" Chen was also released from the org at that time, and is still unsigned from an LCS team. Stunt was replaced by Academy Support, Philippe "Poome" Lavoie-Giguere, who previously played for the orgs amateur squad, 100X.



Meteos originally joined the org in 2018 as the org's first ever Jungler as they entered the league with franchising. In their first year, he went to Worlds with the team, but much of the roster disbanded at the end of the season. Meteos rejoined the roster one year later at the start of the 2019 off-season, becoming one of the first players to join in this year's roster iteration. He and William "Nadeshot" Haag marked his re-signing with the team with a video recreating the "Look at us" meme. After 100 Thieves' announcement, Meteos tweeted out what is next for him and his career, as well as explaining their reasoning for his departure. 



UPDATED 7/21: 100 Thieves has promoted two 100X (100 Thieves amateur squad) players to their Academy roster. Shane "Kenvi" Espinoza will replace Meteos as Academy Jungler, and Milan "Tenacity" Oleksij will join alongside Aaron "FakeGod" Lee as a Top Laner. Both players have been added to the Global Contract Database.



UPDATE 7/21: 100X is will be playing with Kevin "FallenBandit" Wu and "Nxi," who are filling in the Top Lane and Jungle positions respectively. FallenBandit is currently the 100X coach. 




This story may still be developing, and Inven Global will update upon further information.



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