Who has the biggest mouth? -- Expressions and poses from 2020 LCK Summer Round 1

The first round of the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea Summer Split has come to an end. Heading to the second round, we gathered up some pictures of the players of their expressions, poses, and their yawns. Without any fans at LoL Park, the players would have been less nervous, but they surely missed the fans.



▲ The king's roar
▲ "AAAARRHHHH" - Effort
▲ "ROAR" - Pyosik
▲ "Aaaahhhh" - ShowMaker
▲ "Have a sip of coffee and wake up"
▲ "I'm alright, I'm alright"
▲ Yawning is contagious. - BeryL
▲ About to swallow the mic. - Lehends


Masks - Still cautious of the coronavirus

▲ Route still being careful of the coronavirus.
▲ Aiming as well...
▲ Quarantined in top lane, Nuguri.
▲ Always different, ikksu, with a black mask and a "Captain" badge


Smiles and expressions

▲ Enjoying practice in a relaxed manner - ikksu
▲ "DOH!" - Spirit
▲ "Logitech tenkeyless, good!" - Cuzz
▲ *PC Crashes* - GorillA
▲ "I know, right?" - ShowMaker
▲ "Whadda..." - Beyond
▲ Taking a short break to meditate - Kiin

Team Selfies

▲ DRX, say "Kimchi!"
▲ Playful DAMWON Gaming players

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