Golden Guardians and 100 Thieves pop off in Week 5, providing the best E1 Fantasy value

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At last! Fnatic is saved from finding a home on the Busts list; the LEC didn't have any games in Week 5 of the Summer Split. Additionally, Daniele "Jiizuke" di Mauro somehow escaped its clutches, even finding himself in the Top Scorer section this week! (Though that didn't stop the team from adding Greyson "Goldenglue" Gilmer to their roster.) 


But enough about Jiizuke and Fnatic, these are the (LCS) Booms and Busts for Week 5 of the Summer Split! 





BOOM — Hauntzer — Golden Guardians (LCS)


Kevin "Hauntzer" Yarnell was only 10 points behind first place, costing $80,000 less. He scored 83% of the top scorers points at only 65% of the cost. Talk about value! For a mere $150,000, Hauntzer put up 50 points in his games against EG and TL. He and Golden Guardians in general had a great weekend! Look out for more below.


BUST — Solo — FlyQuest (LCS)


This one hurt. Colin "Solo" Earnest went from Week 4 Top Scorer to Week 5 Bust. And a lot of people were banking on FlyQuest this week. Solo and FlyQuest had as bad of a weekend as Hauntzer and GG had good. Solo cost double Hauntzer and put up only 12 points. 200% of the cost for 22% of the points. Fly has TSM and C9 this weekend, so tread lightly.






BOOM — Contractz — 100 Thieves (LCS)


If you were worried or confused about 100 Thieves trading in Juan "Contractz" Garcia for William "Metoes" Hartman, let those troubles be put to rest. Contractz and the new 100 Thieves roster boast a 3-1 record over the last two weeks. This weekend, they just beat up on Cloud9, handing them their first loss of the Split, and Contractz was just the man who made it happen, going 10/1/7 on Olaf. He racked up 67 points at a $150,000 priceline, and did it against Spring Split MVP, Robert "Blaber" Huang on his own signature champion. 


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BUST — Blaber — Cloud9 (LCS)


This really should come as no surprise after seeing the Boom above; Blaber had an unfortunate weekend. He was incredibly expensive, costing $360,000, and only dished out 17 points for his drafters. He has EG and FlyQuest this week, who both went 0-2 last weekend. That's a 1-5 Week 5 record between the three. All three teams are going to be on their best behavior, looking to turn around the losses. 




BOOM — Fenix — Dignitas (LCS)


Kim "Fenix" Jae-hun was the cheapest Mid this week, but scored the second most points, putting up 56 for his simple $190,000 salary. Fenix was called out for some of the worst LCS play in history in his re-debut in Week 4, but turned it around helping carry his team to their first two wins in Week 5. Despite the strong performance, his inconsistency should be noted, so be wary when signing him this week. 


BUST — PowerOfEvil — FlyQuest (LCS)


For the fourth week in a row, Jiizuke has been on the Busts list. Oh how the tables turn! Tristan "PowerOfEvil" Schrage scored the second highest points last week, but that didn't help him or those who drafted him this time around! He is the second piece of the BustQuest puzzle. He cost a whopping $360,000, and put up only 26 points. While that may be the most on the team for the weekend, and while it's 10 points higher than Blaber at the same price point, it's definitely a major flop for the German Mid Laner. 


▲ Image Source: Riot Games




BOOM — FBI — Golden Guardians (LCS)


We saw this team above, Golden Guardians had a great week, and Victor "FBI" Huang was a big part of that. Part of the reason they earned so many points was both of their games went very long, playing almost 80 minutes total. The other reason why MasH earned 61 points on the weeked is thanks to an incredible pop off performance on Aphelios against EG, going 9/3/13. Lots of kills, lots of CS, and lots of not-dying makes for a bunch of points. 



BUST — Mash — FlyQuest (LCS)


The tables, again! They have turned! Brandon "MasH" Phan was our Boom last week, and this week he's the final piece of FlyQuest's Bustzodia! There's not much to say that hasn't already been said about FLY's week, it was just bad. MasH and Jason "WildTurtle" Tran were supposedly splitting time, and thus, MasH's, slot isn't secure. I'd hold off on picking him or Turtle until they stabilize a bit, there's no such thing as Starter Insurance.




BOOM — huhi — Golden Guardians (LCS)


He's the final member in Golden Guardians' pop off weekend, Choi "huhi" Jae-hyun. In their first game, he successfully protected his carries, gobbling them up from any danger, and went 1/3/23 as Tahm Kench. And luckily, despite losing their second game, he only died twice, not taking away from too many of his points (many supports have a big problem here). Overall, he scored 40 points as a Support, while only costing $80,000! That's incredible! Some of the best value ever seen on the platform. 


BUST — Biofrost — TSM (LCS)


Welp, TSM beat us to the punch, announcing the promotion of Erik "Treatz" Wessén to their starting roster for Week 6 of the LCS. Perhaps it's because they all picked Vincent "Biofrost" Wang as their E1 Fantasy Support this past week. He got 0.15 points despite costing double huhi's cost at $160,000. Treatz has a tough weekend ahead of him, but the bar was also set decently low if you're prone to recency bias. 




BOOM — 100 Thieves (LCS) 


100 Thieves has really stepped it up recently, going 2-0 on the week and taking down the league leaders, Cloud9. And they did so in a completionist fashion, securing the vast majority of objectives and towers, cranking up their total points. At the end of it all, they scored 55 points on the weekend despite being the second cheapest team. 


▲ Image Source: Riot Games


BUST — Cloud9 (LCS)  


This should come as no surprise. Cloud9 historically had incredibly high points, winning all of their games before this weekend, and stomping most of them quickly and effectively, gathering all the possible bonus points they could. That set their salary really high, so after losing to 100 Thieves and securing almost nothing for themselves, they lost out on a ton of the points their high salary was supposed to provide. They cost $350,000 but churned out only 23 points, which is truly abysmal given their history.




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