[LCK Reflections] DWG Zefa: "ShowMaker is the most improved player during this split. He's even rank 1 in solo queue!"


On the 15th (KST), DAMWON Gaming defeated Team Dynamics with a set score of 2-0 in their final round 1 match of the 2020 LCK Summer split. DWG finished round 1 of the split in second place of the standings. With round 2 just around the corner, they hope to continue riding the high momentum and continue their domination of the LCK.


As round 1 of the 2020 LCK Summer split nears its conclusion, Inven Global will be talking with various head coaches of the teams to hear how they reflect upon their performance in round 1. The head coach for DWG, Zefa, joined Inven Global for an exclusive 1 on 1 interview to talk about the various ups and downs for round 1, and how they hope to lead the team in round 2.



All of DWG’s round 1 matches have come to an end, and the team ended with a landslide victory against Team Dynamics. How do you feel?


With tonight’s victory, we finished round 1 on a satisfactory note… Wait, there have been disappointing moments though… (laughter).

From your perspective, what parts of the team’s overall performance in round 1 was satisfactory and disappointing?


I’m satisfied with the team’s overall performance, and that we managed to secure ourselves high up in the standings. In terms of disappointments, it’d have to be our losses. Bits and pieces of our performance in the middle, and our endings have been a bit of a disappointment. I think that if the coaching staff and I were able to really fix the endings of our games, we would’ve played better.

How satisfied with the team’s performance overall in round 1, and how would you rate it?


I think that we’ve performed to how we predicted we’ll do. We’ll need to touch upon the finite details of our gameplay to be fully satisfied with ourselves. Not too much, as we don’t want to drastically change our style and lose what we have now. Just small things need some work.

The team’s performance has drastically improved in the Summer from their form in Spring. In various interviews with the players, they said that they spent an immense amount of time just in individual practice alone. What are some of the things that changed for them to improve their form from the Spring split? Did you give specific orders to the players for their practice?


No, not really. I’m a firm believer that rest is also an essential part of healthy improvement. All the players did get time off, but it was up to them in how they spent their time off. BeryL did say that he didn’t leave the team house for three months, but he doesn’t leave the team house anyways (laughter). 


In terms of the things that changed, the biggest thing for them would have to be their heightened individual performance. Also, the coaching staff and I set a direction for the team to go in, and it turned out to be very effective for the team.

In your opinion, what do you think motivated the players the most?


To be honest, I think we were just very lucky. There were about five things that aligned themselves in the right place, just like cogwheels. In terms of what those five things are, I’ll keep them a secret (laughter).

If you had to pick one player on the team that improved the most in round 1, who would it be?


Although I think everyone improved drastically, I think ShowMaker, Canyon, and BeryL have levelled up a lot. If I had to choose one from the three, I’d have to say ShowMaker, who’s the most important member of our team. He’s even rank 1 in the KR solo queue ladder, you know (laughter).

2020 is your first year as the head coach. In your opinion, how do you think you improved as head coach?


I try to give my own feedback to myself, and have others give feedback about me. I think my growth as head coach is very parallel to the team’s growth as well.

If you had to choose a keyword on the team’s improvement in round 2, what would it be?


It would have to be the word, “End”. We need to improve how we end games, especially against the top teams in the standings.


Apart from the top teams in the standings right now, is there another team you’re wary of?


It’d definitely be SANDBOX Gaming. There’s a new head coach in the team, and the team’s turned their things around for the better in so many different ways. They’re definitely the team to watch out for. 



Lastly, a word to the fans.


I’m very glad that we’re able to produce great results in round 1, and we’ll all work very hard to be better in round 2.

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