DRX Pyosik: "DWG has a very similar playstyle to our team, but our laners are in a higher weight class"


Pyosik's Volibear victory pose


On the 11th (KST), DragonX took on DAMWON Gaming in the 2020 LCK Summer split. With 1st place in the standings on the line, this matchup was very hyped up by many fans around the world. Lady luck stood in favor of DRX, as this heated battle ended in a 2-1 victory for DRX.


In game 3, the jungler for DRX, Pyosik, not only provided much aid to the team’s teamfighting, he also successfully baited Nuguri’s Camille in a critical moment. Inven Global was able to sit down with Pyosik to hear his thoughts about the match against DWG.



This series was a very heated series. How do you feel about the win?


There is much reward behind such hard work. I feel happier than the times I won against other teams this split.

There’s a question that popped up in my head from seeing you so happy. If you had to choose between ‘a bland 2-0 victory’ vs ‘a hard fought 2-1 victory that you even dream about’, which one would you choose?


As long as the victory is guaranteed, I’d always choose the latter (laughter).

DAMWON Gaming is a team that’s also very strong. How did you prepare for today’s match?


While we played the way we always did, the difference was that I practiced Volibear a lot more. I even figured out which champions counter Volibear. The results of my practice… is a huge success.

Truth be told, did you feel like you deserved Player of the Game in game 3?


I haven’t even thought about POG, because after that death in the top lane, I thought I was screwed.

By the way, what kind of feedback was there after the loss against kt Rolster?


We felt that our team composition wasn’t that great. Our team composition fell off as the game headed into the late game, while KT’s team composition was strong even in the late game. We picked champions that had priority in the laning phase, so compared to KT’s draft, we were a lot weaker in the later stages of the games.

In game 2, DRX didn’t have priority during the laning phase, which seemed very uncharacteristic of the team. Why was that?


The concept of game 2 was that even though their bot lane was stronger in the early game, we would eventually outscale them as the game went on. However, I made a mistake around blue buff, so everything fell apart. That’s why I felt apologetic.

Meanwhile, it looked like you’ve regained confidence in game 3. Was there specific feedback from cvMax? Did the players say anything in particular towards one another?


He just told me to do well. I focused on playing like how I do in scrims, and focused on gathering myself mentally and not making mistakes.

In the mid-late game of game 3, DWG was very hasty in their engages, so the team must’ve welcomed it, while feeling surprised at the same time.


We just thought, “They’re actually coming into us like this?” Whatever their reasoning was, it was good news for us.

In game 3, DWG put a lot of time in getting their top lane ahead. Recently, Doran was sad that you didn’t gank his lane, so how did he react today?


He just said, “It’s whatever”. He accepted it for what it was.

You showed some tears at the end of the match.


I made a lot of mistakes in game 1 and 2. Despite all that, I was grateful for my teammates drawing the series out until game 3. When I thanked them, emotions just filled me up, and tears just started forming. I was sorry and grateful to my teammates at the same time.

Recently, cvMax’s coaching style of ‘using his entire body’ has been a hot topic within the community. What do you think about such a physical coaching style?


(Laughter) I’ve gotten used to his body language. I just accepted it for what it was. At first it was funny. Whenever he coaches like that about something important, it’s still very funny. (Do you believe that there are clear merits to the ‘body language’ style of coaching?) It’s definitely impactful. 

Your post-match victory poses have become iconic in their own right. Do you usually think about your poses?


The Lee Sin victory pose is something that I really wanted to do. It’s something that I prepared for a long time. However, there weren’t many props lying around that I could’ve used, so I feel like I didn't do it too well. The Lucian pose was something I thought of on the spot. Other than those two, I haven’t prepared any other poses just yet.

It seems like DRX has this ‘type advantage’ over DWG, and this advantage becomes clearer as the team continues to beat DWG. What are your thoughts on this matter?


DWG has a very similar playstyle to our team. However, our laners are in a higher weight class, so in that sense, we have the advantage. 

Lastly, can you please say something to your fans?


It’s unfortunate that our match win streak didn’t continue because of our loss against KT. However, with this victory over DWG, we’ll ride the high momentum once again. We’ll finish up the remainder of round 1 well, and perform well in round 2 as well.

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