[LCK Today] 'Yamato Magic' fully operational! SANDBOX extends their match win streak to 3


Day 18 of the 2020 LCK Summer split has come to a conclusion. KT, once again, started Smeb in the support role, due to TusiN’s health issues. However, the ‘Yamato Magic’ was fully operational, as SB defeated KT 2-0 and are now on a three-match win streak.


In game 1, KT managed to get dragon stacks right from the get go. However, SB was able to gain a gold lead from the laning phase. KT’s plans fell, as SoHwan’s Jax failed to pressure the side lanes in the mid game, and as the games went on, SB was able to perform better in teamfights to take the first game of the series.


In game 2, SB managed to come back from a deficit to take the victory. With Smeb playing Rumble support, KT managed to pick champions with lane priority to get a lead in the early game. With three dragons going to the side of KT, SB fell behind, even in global gold. However, they were able to come back from behind with teamfighting that showed a higher level of focus on SB’s side. With SB continuing to press their momentum shift, the kill score was 20:7 in the blink of an eye, and was able to take down KT’s nexus.



Meanwhile, in the first series of the day, Gen.G was able to take the clean 2-0 victory over Team Dynamics. Game 1 was one-sided from start to finish. Despite DYN target banning Ruler with the Kalista-Ezreal-Ashe bans and taking Aphelios for themselves, Gen.G was unfazed. Gen.G managed to snowball their lead from Bdd’s solo kill on Zoe, and ended game 1 without any mistakes made by Gen.G.


With DYN showing the same draft patterns in game 2, Gen.G answered with Ruler on Varus duty and Rascal playing Karma top. Although there were points scored in the early to mid game by DYN, a huge teamfight victory by Gen.G around the 17 minute mark to contest the third dragon tipped the scales in Gen.G’s favor. With multiple kills on Ruler’s Varus, he was able to put out an incredible amount of poke damage, and the game came to an end at the 26 minute mark.




2020 LCK Summer Split July 10th Results


Team Dynamics 0 : 2 Gen.G


SANDBOX Gaming 2 : 0 kt Rolster



2020 LCK Summer Split Standings


1st DAMWON Gaming 6-1 (+11)

2nd DragonX 6-1 (+8)

3rd T1 5-2 (+5)

3rd Gen.G 5-2 (+5)

5th Afreeca Freecs 4-3 (+2)

6th Team Dynamics 3-4 (-1)

7th kt Rolster 3-5 (-4)

7th SANDBOX Gaming 3-5 (-4)

9th SeolHaeOne Prince 1-6 (-10)

10th Hanwha Life Esports 0-7 (-12)

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