GEN Rascal on Nuguri, DWG, and changing his style


On the 25th (KST), Gen.G gave DAMWON Gaming their first loss of the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea Summer Split. Although it was very close, Gen.G managed to win the third game, claiming the 2-1 victory. Top laner Kim “Rascal” Kwang-hee sat with the media for a post-match interview where he talked about today’s match.



How do you feel about today’s win?


We considered DAMWON Gaming as one of the strongest teams. Fortunately, we were able to win.

It seems that many of Gen.G’s games are decided at Baron like Game 3 today.


We like attempting Baron and we try often. Today, we succeeded, but we don’t always pull it off. In today’s situation, I was at bot. Kayle and Graves were near me. Kayle didn’t have Teleport and when I encountered Graves around mid, I was sure that we would get Baron.

You picked Renekton in Game 1. He appears often in the LPL, but not in the LCK. How did you pick him?


It’s a pick I enjoy playing against players that have strong laning like Nuguri. Renekton is also one of the champions I really like.

It seemed that the team enjoyed the victory more than you did last week. Was it because the overall performance was better?


The macro was better than last week. There were a few mistakes in the early game, but that could be fixed more easily. I think our overall performance got better a bit. As much as the opponent was DAMWON Gaming who was undefeated, I’m satisfied with the results.

You played well against Nuguri in the side lanes. Clid and Bdd’s support was very quick. How were the shotcalls?


In Game 1, there was a call that Nuguri was trying to get the turret plate gold with Gangplank, so we all went and cut him off. There was also a similar call when he was hitting the turret in Game 3. He came in too deep.


Near the end of Game 3, I was hiding in the brush at bot lane with little HP left. I thought that he would go clear the wave, but he came for me. My teammates told me to be careful and came quickly so I was able to deal with that situation. Our vision was alright and Ruler was nearby.

On the other hand, what did you think when Nuguri carried Game 2 even though he was solo killed by you?


Actually, I didn’t practice Neeko much. I had the thought that Neeko is good against Kennen, so that’s why I played her. The solo kill was good since I was able to save my Teleport. I should have snowballed more, but there was a lot of pressure from Canyon’s Rek’Sai. That was a bit regretful. Nuguri did really well in teamfights in that game.

You said during the broadcast interview that you changed to a more aggressive style.


During the MSC, I played a lot of aggressive champions. When I played that way like in scrims, the opponent stepped back and called their jungler to the top often. After that, I thought if I play aggressively, I could help the team by calling the opponent jungler often. If they don’t come, I could get a solo kill or benefit in other ways, so I changed my style.

Any last comments?


Our next match is against SeolHaeOne Prince. Recently, we’ve been trying to fight more often. In the process, there are good and bad results. Even if we struggle, it's just trial and error, so please be patient and keep watching us. We’ll do our best to prepare for the match against SeolHaeOne Prince so that we can present an exciting match. Thank you to all the fans that cheer for us.



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