DWG BeryL: "My teammates all deserve to get more POGs."


On the 21st, DAMWON Gaming shut out SeolHaeOne Prince 2-0 in the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea Summer Split. DAMWON Gaming rose to the top of the standings with an undefeated record through this victory. In the match, Cho “BeryL” Geon-hee played Pantheon in both games and claimed his third Player of the Game (POG) this season.



How do you feel about today’s win?


I feel good that we ended all matches in the first week 2-0 so that we have a good set difference score.

What goes on in the comms if you fight so often like today?


When it seems we should fight, we talk if we should fight or not. If it’s not a good situation, we wait for our turn. So basically, we try to fight only in favorable situations.

You said that you try to fight only in favorable situations, but it seemed today that you just fought 24/7. Was the situation always good?


(Laughs) No, it wasn’t. I think that was the mistake today. In today’s match, we just followed the flow and fought.

What are DAMWON Gaming's thoughts on SeolHaeOne Prince?


SeolHaeOne Prince looks like a team that aims for fighting often, like us. They also have many little skirmishes so they feel similar to us.

You did well with Pantheon support. What’s the biggest strength of Pantheon support?


There aren’t many definite CCs in LoL. Having a definite CC alone is good enough. Other than that… I like his skill animation.

It’s already the third time DAMWON Gaming played Pantheon support. It’s more like Pantheon is the main champion.


Since we haven’t played conventional support champions, I’ve been getting more POGs. I think my teammates all deserve to get more POGs. The reason I got so many is all because of them.

Many people are saying that DAMWON’s performance is great. Are the scrims as good as on stage?


I think we had more positive results than bad ones. It’s not completely satisfying but I think we’re better than the last season.

You didn’t lose a single game and ended all the games within 30 minutes, yet you still say you’re not satisfied. What’s lacking?


There still are too many mistakes, like checking opponents’ spells. Also, I want to have teamfights only when we really have the favor. Today we lacked that. I want to fix all of that.

You still win in unfavorable situations. Is that the reason the results are good?


In those situations, it’s more like we’re crushing the opponent through better mechanics rather than playing smart. It’s good to win mechanically, but I prefer winning the fight through both using my head and through mechanics.

At the end of Game 1, you all sent Nuguri alone into the Obelisk and killed him. Did we miss something? Do you do that often?


We usually dive all together, but today, ShowMaker sent him in. There wasn’t anything you missed and I felt sorry for Nuguri going in alone. He needs to manage his KDA.

Nuguri picked DRX as the team he really wants to beat this season. Do you have a team that you really want to beat?


I also want to beat DRX. We met them from KeSPA Cup. We were able to win games, but the match always went their way, so I really want to beat them this time.

Any last comments?


We did end all the games in 30 minutes, but we haven’t played against the top tier teams. I want to prove that we’re really good by winning against the top teams.


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