DWG ShowMaker: "I think I'll be able to play Katarina in the pro scene about 200 years later."

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There was no time to miss in the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea Summer Split match between SeolHaeOne Prince and DAMWON Gaming on the 21st (KST). Although the match score was 2-0 in DAMWON Gaming’s favor, SeolHaeOne Prince put up a good fight. The match featured more than one kill per minute in both games. Heo “ShowMaker” Su and Cho “BeryL” Geon-hee were voted as Players of the Games and were interviewed afterward.



How do you feel about today’s win?


ShowMaker: We fought too often but since we won, the game was extremely fun.

Didn’t you enjoy the fights?


ShowMaker: I did enjoy it a bit, but because of a few mistakes, the games got balanced.

You already have 300 POG points. How do you feel?


BeryL: I didn’t know I would get so many POGs, so I’m a bit confused.

Well, you re-discovered Pantheon as a support.


BeryL: My teammates made the situations well, so I just took a scoop.

Didn’t Nuguri complain because you stole his kills?


BeryL: I don’t think he said much. I wasn’t sure I would pick up the kills, but it was fortunate that I did.

Many fans were looking forward to this match since both teams are very aggressive. How did you prepare?


ShowMaker: Since SeolHaeOne Prince likes to fight and pick a lot of aggressive champions, we thought we should stand ground and fight back.

Mickey picked Zed. What did you think when he locked Zed in and how was it playing against it?


ShowMaker: Zed is hot in solo queue recently, but I didn’t know he would really play Zed. There wasn’t that much pressure in playing against him since my jungle played well.

On the comms, you all urged someone to dive.


ShowMaker: We all told Nuguri to dive and didn’t follow, making him die. We tried it again in Game 2 but he didn’t get tricked the second time (Laughs).

DAMWON Gaming’s performance is amazing. How do you feel? Are you satisfied with your performance?


BeryL: It’s not perfect yet, so I’m not quite satisfied. I think we need to reduce our mistakes more to have a satisfying performance.

Previously, you said that you’re using Pantheon because you’re good instead of the champion.


BeryL: If you look at the stats, Pantheon is originally a champion that is strong in solo queue, but his win rate isn’t that good as a support. That’s why I think Pantheon isn’t a good support, but I’m good.

DAMWON Gaming’s games are amazingly fast. All games ended within 30 minutes.


ShowMaker: Since we fight often, we gain benefits often. We snowball through that, and that’s why I think our games are fast.

All kinds of champions appear in the pro scene. ShowMaker is known for Katarina. Do you think Katarina can appear?


ShowMaker: I think I'll be able to play Katarina in the pro scene about 200 years later. (Laughs)

Your next match is against Gen.G.


ShowMaker: Gen.G won in the previous match today. Bdd’s Azir was awesome. I think we should beware of them.


BeryL: Starting from the match against Gen.G, the patch version is different. I think we need to watch other things a lot and prepare well.

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