League of Legends Patch 10.13 nerfs Yuumi, Aphelios and Death's Dance

Image Source: Riot Games, altered by the author


League of Legends Patch 10.13 is on its way. Riot Games has listened to the fervorous chants of its community, begging them “please nerf  Yuumi”. Coming to the game on June 24, the patch, which also targets Death’s Dance, is being put to tests to ensure proper balancing. 


Lead Gameplay Designer for League of Legends, Mark Yetter, released on Twitter the upcoming changes to be tested for Patch 10.13. “We’re going through every class’s items and solving problems, filling needed gaps, and reworking old or unhealthy items. So each class will have its own smaller set of goals and changes tailored to what they need.”




One of the big meta shaking changes will be the Death’s Dance nerf, which targets tanks. Its post-mitigation damage swapped to true damage from 30% (melee) - 20% (ranged) over time to 10%. 


The champions to be nerfed are Yuumi, with a mana cost increase in Zoomies (E), and Syndra, also with a mana cost increase in Dark Sphere (Q). Aphelios, who has long been deemed overpowered, will have its AD per level set to two, with his ultimate critical bonus decreased from 50% to 20%. Cassiopeia’s base magic resistance was lowered from 34 to 32, in attempts to make her more squishy, and Kalista’s AD per level was decreased from 4 to 3.5. Ornn will have its brittle damage decreased to 12% of maximum HP.


Champions to be buffed include Nunu, with its Consume (Q) damage AP ratio increased to 0.65, as well as its healing ratio increased to a full 1.0, while Absolute Zero (R ) has a 1.5 AP ratio shield. Rakan’s Grand Entrance (W) had its damage slightly increased to 70-290, while Lucian’s Piercing Light (Q) had its range increased to 1000 units. Kog’Maw Caustic Spittle (Q) had its damage AP ratio increased to 0.7, while Living Artillery (R ) had its ratio increased from 0.25 to 0.35.


Still on the buff train, Nocturne will have its passive attacks on monsters having a double cooldown reduction, while Yorick’s ultimate leash range was reduced to 700 units, and Maiden of the Mist will follow even if you leave his range. Ryze’s base magic damage will see an increase from 34 to 36, while its AD will be increased from 56 to 58. Gnar’s Hop (E) will have its attack speed increased to 40-60%.


These variables are still being tested out by Riot Games, and the development team will adjust the numbers accordingly as the patch comes closer to its drop.



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