Gamers are having trouble starting Epic Games launcher; Twitch during Fortnite's 'The Device' event

▲ Image Source: Epic Games


Fortnite has been maxing out on hype leading up to its event 'The Device' which is supposed to mark the end of Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2 and transition into Season 3. 'The Device' began at 11:00am PT on Monday, June 15, but some players have had trouble with the Epic Games launcher successfully launching. Twitch is also currently not working for a large portion of users, leading to declining viewership across the board as the event continues to progress. 


At 11:03, Epic Games tweeted that the issues were being investigated and that an update would be provided once more information has been provided.  This has not only happened to Fortnite players looking to participate in the event, but also to gamers attempting to play any titles via the Epic Games launcher.


Community response to the tweet has been less than favorable, with the majority of the feedback focusing on Epic's choice to gate the total amount of players participating in 'The Device' in an effort to limit functionality issues from past in-game events.




Epic Games recommended that players be ready 30 minutes prior to the start of the event before it reaches capacity, but the pre-emptive measure did not stop the issues from exacerbating. Some of Epic Games' playerbase have questioned whether the capacity implementation of Fortnite somehow affected the ability for other games to be played, which would be a far cry from what the  quantity cap was intended to do for the event.


At the time of this article's publication, Epic Games has yet to provide an update to the public on the Epic Games launcher or any other issues potentially caused by Fortnite's 'The Device' event. This story will continue to be updated if and when more information becomes available.


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