FlyQuest becomes SeaQuest, donating to save the coral reef

▲ Image taken from FlyQuest's YouTube


This past Spring Split, FlyQuest became TreeQuest, donating trees each week based on their League of Legends Championship Series performance. This Summer, they've become SeaQuest, running a similar campaign, but to save our oceans instead of planting trees, making donations to the Coral Reef Alliance. 


The Coral Reef Alliance recognizes anyone who donates $10,000 or more as a "Champion of the Reef." Last Spring, FlyQuest donated 10,000 trees, and their goal is to match that this Summer to reach that title. They'll donate $1 for each kill secured by a FlyQuest LCS or Academy player, $10 for every Ocean Drake taken by any LCS or Academy team, and $100 for each FlyQuest victory. (If both teams go 18-0, and go on to win the playoffs, they'll raise over $5,000 on wins alone!) 



FlyQuest CEO, Tricia Sugita, also hints at other initiatives coming this Summer, including "Save the Wild Turtles" and plastic removal from our oceans, with more to be announced down the line. FlyQuest also updated their jerseys, leaving the flowers behind for an ocean floor themed design. You can read more about their initiatives below and watch their announcement video for more information on their campaign. "No water, no life. No blue, no green." - Silvia Earle 





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