VALORANT Patch 1.01 nerfs Sage, improves performance, adds new Spike Rush Orbs

Image Source: Riot Games


VALORANT has officially been launched exactly one week ago. Upon its release, the development team has gotten the chance to test balancing and game performance on a wider net of players, making adjustments accordingly.


The main goal of Patch 1.01 is to improve the combat experience and performance, delivering more polished gameplay. Agent Sage will receive a reduction in the range of Barrier Orb from 20 to 10 meters. According to developers, the range reduction will still keep her at full strength when defending turf, however, it will impair her ability to take ground, a big concern in the player community.


When Ascent was released, players complained about randomly falling through the world of VALORANT, being instantly killed in-game. Bounding boxes also seemed to be faulty, as you could walk through certain walls.


Image Source: Riot Games


Spike Rush has received an update, in which each game will now feature five randomly selected orbs, including three new orb types: Health Orb, which grants instant health regeneration to your team, Deception Orb, which inflicts “Paranoia” to the opposing team after three seconds, following capture, and the Golden Orb, which grants a capture of a Golden Gun to the player.


Higher-end computers will receive additional support to ensure performance is increased. The main focus is to level gameplay and combat, having an increase of average FPS scaling up to the machine’s power. The developer team has included multithreaded rendering support, which improves the performance in scenes with a lot of objects visible.


You can find the complete patch note with bug fixes on the official blog post from Riot Games.


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