[MSC] TES Karsa on Lee Sin: "To play Lee Sin well... landing your Qs is critical."

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On the 31st (KST), Top Esports took down FunPlus Phoenix with a set score of 3-1 in the grand finals of the 2020 Season Cup. TES looked dominant over FPX throughout the most of the series, as not only did Knight prove that his Syndra needs to stay permabanned, their teamfighting prowess and macro decisions are levels higher than FPX.


The following is a compilation of questions that were asked during the on-air interview and by the LCK journalists during the winners interview in the Press Room.



How does it feel to become the first MSC champions?


Karsa: It really means a lot, and the fact that we’ve improved on the things we lack makes me feel really good.

Why did you pick Lucian in the last set?


369: It’s a pick that I’m pretty confident in. Although my win rate with Lucian in official matches isn’t that great, I knew I was going to play well with him, so I picked him.

This is TES’ first international victory. How do you feel, Knight?


Knight: I’m incredibly happy. I’ve never won before, and it’s finally time for me to take the championship trophy home.

(To Knight) People say that you’re the best mid laner in the LPL, and you’ve proven yourself through your performance in the MSC. How do you feel?


Knight: It definitely feels good. I feel great.

(To Knight) Out of 10, how would you rate your overall MSC performance?


Knight: I want to give myself an 8-9. I’m a very confident mid laner, and my champion pool is very wide as well.

Karsa, it seems that you definitely improved from how you played in the Spring split. How did you improve so quickly?


Karsa: During the beginning of the Spring split, it hasn’t been long since I joined the team, and I was in a slump, but now, I feel like our synergy has gotten a lot better, and we’ve gotten closer outside the game, so I feel like everyone’s playing a lot better.

(To Karsa) Lee Sin is a champion that has a bad win rate overall. Despite it, why did you pick Lee Sin, and how did you make it work?


Karsa: Skirmishes and teamfights are always happening in the LPL, and such a playstyle benefits Lee Sin’s strong attributes a lot. To play Lee Sin well, you need a lot of practice, and landing your Qs is critical.



(To JackeyLove) After you joined TES, the team’s performance has been consistently getting better. How much do you think contributed to that growth?


JackeyLove: While it’s true that our team’s getting better, I haven’t really thought in detail about how much I contributed, so I’m not sure.

(To the coaching staff) Can you share your experience on winning the MSC?


Coaching staff: We’re incredibly happy. This will definitely be huge on our growth and our experiences, and we’re only going to get better from here. We’ll make sure to play even better in the future.




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