[MSC Finals] KR Reactions: "If the LPL is DUDUDUNGA, LCK is WASSA WASSA."


Before the match


Who’s still watching the MSC?

ㄴ Do you mean the LPL Finals?

ㄴ Aren’t you watching this as well?

ㄴ I don’t have any reason to, but I’m watching it because I’ve got nothing else to do.


It’s China vs. China, so I’m just gonna watch it for fun

If it was KR vs CN, we would’ve been nervous and anxious, so we wouldn’t have been able to eat anything while watching.

It’s CN vs CN so not only am I going to eat well, I can actually relax.




Even still, Khan and Doinb’s on FPX, so I have to cheer for FPX

ㄴ We have to take our victory through the Korean players

ㄴ It can’t turn out to be “2 Korean can’t win”


Knight is like Faker at his peak. From the unpredictability, micro, to his decision making with macro, everything about him is crazy.
ㄴ Karsa is like wings to Knight. I’m predicting TES will take the series.


Whoever wins, it’s basically like T1 won the tourney.

FPX Win: T1 beat FPX playing like that, so T1 basically won~

TES Win: If we didn’t play a non marksman champion in the bot lane, we would’ve won~ T1 was holding back~

ㄴ This guy knows what the fans are thinking

ㄴ According to that logic, DAMWON beat T1, so does that technically mean DAMWON won the whole thing?



Game 1

LCK is being disrespected right from the get-go.

ㄴ Ooh, LCS fans have found their opportunity to crawl out of their hole.


Mirrored bot lane lol

ㄴ Is there a counterpick to Varus?

ㄴ Wow, and some players still didn’t pick Varus?


Karsa’s a legend…

ㄴ Karsa’s out for Korean blood.


Is that you, GoJeonPa?

ㄴ Knight’s Syndra vs. GoJeonPa’s Syndra

ㄴ I think Knight’s even better than GoJeonPa

Even if it’s only the first set, you can clearly see why LCK lost

ㄴ TES is so good.

ㄴ Gen.G tried their best.

ㄴ I’m jealous… I want to send the LCK to study abroad


How did DAMWON beat TES?

ㄴ For real, DAMWON beating T1 isn’t even news.



Game 2


ㄴ It’s worse than DUDUDNGA

ㄴ The game itself is even worse.



Knight’s the best. He’s definitely the player that took the most from the MSC

ㄴ Did Faker name change?

ㄴ I was hoping to see the next Faker, and I think that may be Knight…

ㄴ Kinda sad that player isn’t Korean.


Doinb and Khan is playing like crazy as well…

ㄴ 2018 Rookie, 2019 Doinb, and 2020 Knight… LPL’s full of great mid lakers

ㄴ Realistically, today’s match is the match that dictates who the best mid is.


A reiteration of Faker easily beating Khan:



Game 3


He starts off by getting sniped lol. Jackeylove’s amazing.


I think TES is probably going to win… How is anyone supposed to beat such composure?

ㄴ I think FPX’s flaws come from having too many Koreans...


???: Please come back, Jackey...


???: Hehehe


Hey look! They used the T1 Ryze and Renekton skin

ㄴ Thank you, LPL!!


Karsa’s the reincarnation of Lee Sin.

ㄴ My hairstyle is like Lee Sin as well.

ㄴ He’s handsome, has a good educational background, probably rich AND he plays at a top level. Isn’t he broken?

ㄴ He must be small down there. No, he HAS to be.

ㄴ Based on his nose, I don’t think so.



Game 4


Just by looking at the picks, doesn’t FPX wins this game hard?

ㄴ Khan picked Jayce, so I think he’s determined lol. We’ll see…

ㄴ Wait, TES picked Lucian top… Do you think 369 will be able to do well on him?

ㄴ Top Lucian lol. This is going to go to Game 5.

TES picks are a bit like DRX’s.

ㄴ Are you crazy? How dare you compare DRX to TES?


369 on Lucian lol

ㄴ Hey, that’s Lucian from my solo queue games

ㄴ Even the LPL struggles with Lucians


Khan can’t be stopped on Jayce

ㄴ Hi, GimGoon.


Now that TES won, we can’t even flex about having Koreans on the team anymore lol.

▲ Ggoong (Korean): Hey, thank me! I’m the coach on TES.


???: Do you agree with what I said, Faker?

This isn’t a real competition lol. It’s an event match, right?


Ah, just like that, it finished.

ㄴ That’s the image of the LCK and the Koreans blowing up.



???: I have Karsa, 369, Knight, and Jackeylove in my cart...

???: I told you to take out Knight




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