[LIVE UPDATES] Guide to Exos Heroes grand open events


As of May 28th, Grand Open events, including a week-long Check-In Event, Level Up Event, and Exos Festa are live!  All of these events will reward players daily and as they complete various missions. To check out more information on the game, visit Exos Heroes Official Facebook.

For more information on getting started, check out our beginner guide as well as our running list for the most powerful characters in Exos Heroes.

Check out a full description of all of the events players can take advantage of below:


Fatecore Chance Up Event!
Introducing the First Guardian, Zeon!
[Event Period]
May 28th, 2020 ~ June 4th 04:59(KST)
[Event Notices]
*Event recruitment opens after clearing Main Story 00-11.
*Earned 1 recruitment mileage when you recruiting heroes 11 time

Level Up Account Event!
Join Exos Heroes and reach the required account level to get rewards!

[Event Period]
May 28th 2020 ~
[Event Reward]
*Lv.10 : Xes 30
*Lv.15 : Xes 70
*Lv.20 : Xes 200
*Lv.25 : Xes 400
*Lv.30 : Xes 500
*Lv.35 : Xes 700
*Lv.40 : Xes 1000
*Lv.45 : Xes 1200
*Lv.50 : Xes 2000
*Lv.55 : Xes 5000

[Event Notices]
*Level Up Account rewards can be received in the event tab village.
*Level Up Account rewards can only be selected once per account.
*Rewards are sent to the account mailbox

7 Day Gift Event!
Collect your reward in town!!

[Event Period]
May 28th 2020 ~ June 25th 04:59(KST)

[Event Reward]
* Day 1 : Xes 70
* Day 2 : Xes 150
* Day 3 : Exodium 10, Standard Abrasive 5
* Day 4 : Gold 30,000
* Day 5 : Zebenstunier 5 Tickets
* Day 6 : Golden Clock 2
* Day 7 : Xes 300

[Event Notices]
*Please reconnect if event rewards have not been given in your mailbox.
*Event rewards not received due to missed attendance during the event period cannot be recovered.

World investigations Event!
Are you ready for Exos Heroes battle?

[Event Period]
May 28th 2020 ~ June 24th 04:59(KST)
*Feather of Freedom acquisition period is until June 24th 04:59(KST)
*Feather of Freedom period of use is until June 25th 04:59(KST)

[Event Details]
1. Investigate by moving the world
2. During investigate certain probability acquire a 'Feather of Freedom'
3. Exchange 'Feather of Freedom' items at the Door to Creation.

[Event Notices]
*Items cannot be exchanged at the end of the event period.
*Some items take time to reobtain.
*Some items have limits on the number of times they can be obtained.

Special Event, Exos FESTA!
Challenge 7 days missions!
[Event Period]
May 28th 2020 ~

[Event Details]
*Touch the Exos Festa icon on the screen and check out missions and rewards.
*Exos Festa missions will be open every day, and it will be a total 7 days challenge.
*After completing all the challenges, you will be able to win the final event reward.

[Event Final Reward]
Once you've cleared all of your challenges, you can acquire Ether Blade(=legendary weapons).

[Event Notices]
*Exos Festa opens after clearing Main Story 00-12.
*Exos Festa challenge open at 5 o'clock every day.(KST)
*The event will be held for two weeks from the starting day.

Bonus item for Crystal purchases during the event!

[Event Period]
May 28th 2020 ~ July 16th 04:59(KST)

[Event Reward]
Step 1 : Crystal count 500 -> Golden Clock
Step 2 : Crystal count 1,000 -> Experience Sanctum 3 Tickets
Step 3 : Crystal count 3,000 -> Solar Trade Route 3 Tickets
Step 4 : Crystal count 5,000 -> Gold 100,000
Step 5 : Crystal count 10,000 -> Legendary Weapons Craft
Step 6 : Crystal count 20,000 -> Xes 700
Step 7 : Crystal count 30,000 -> Special Fate Hero Selection Ticket

[Event Notices]
*Only one hero can be selected out of 7 heroes in step 7. (Rachel, Jinai, Shufraken, Garff, Bathory)
*Participating in the event using inappropriate methods will result in a cancellation/retrieval of your reward and restriction from the game.
*Violating any of the Terms of Service will result in a cancellation/retrieval of your reward and restriction from the game
*The event will be held for two weeks from the starting day.
*Items or rewards that were sent or used as intended cannot be recovered.

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