Our top picks for most powerful characters in Exos Heroes


One of the most important pieces of advice when progressing through Exos Heroes is to always keep at least one copy of any given hero. Although it may be tempting to only focus on one power-house squad, each character has their use and a team that uses only one linear strategy will, inevitably, face a challenge it can not overcome.


But to those looking for raw power and versatility, we have you covered! Here is our curated list of the most powerful and overall useful heroes in Exos Heroes. See one of your favorites missing from our list? Let us know who deserves to be on the top spots in our comment section!

NOTE: The ability to gain mana is very important when determining a hero's strength. Refer to this handy chart to learn how each type of 5 star elemental hero can gain mana in battle and keep it in mind when synergizing.


Gain 1 mana per death of an allied unit


Gain 1 mana if all allies survive (when these units last turn)


Gain 1 mana per critical hit from anyone


Gain 1 mana per block from anyone


Gain 1 mana if own hp is above 80%


Gain 1 mana if anyone's HP is below 30%





Jinai is one of the most useful Heroes due to her ability to grant passive mana to your team while debuffing enemies. She has an incredibly high critical rating which synergizes well with fire aligned attackers. Her poisons are particularly effective against enemies with no healing capabilities.





Rachel provides passive mana thanks to his counterattack ability and can deliver huge amounts of single target damage. In addition, he can act as a defender due to his passive abilities and decent HP / DEF stats. Rachel is useful in all modes of gameplay, but has a low critical hit rating -- be sure to pair him with team members that crit often to take advantage of his fire type!


Bathory / ICE / ATTACKER



Bathory is widely considered to be one of the best heroes in the game and has no discernable weaknesses. She can prevent the deaths of her allies (Which is always useful) and also gains passive mana during battle. Most importantly, she deals the most AoE damage in the game and has very solid HP and DEF stats -- an all-around all-star!

Bernadette / ICE / ATTACKER



Bernadette has incredibly high attack damage and is potent in all game modes and PvP. She has low HP and DEF stats, so pairing her with a good Tank and Support is recommended. She also has access to strong AoE abilities, which is vital when trying to break an enemy's guardian stone.





Barka is an attack speed monster! His evasion rate is also through the roof, making him an ideal character for PvP. He is best paired with Rachel as their abilities synergize well and help offset his low HP and DEF stats. Barak is mainly used to single out a specific enemy and take advantage of BREAK status.


Anastasia / ICE / SUPPORTER



Anastasia is arguably the best healer in the game. Her Purify Debuff ability is extremely useful and negate damage over time and debuffing enemies. She has a great block-rate for the ICE element and nice HP and DEF stats. A very self-sustaining healer and great for PvP.


Sabrina / FIRE / ATTACK



Sabrina nets mana easily thanks to her passive ability and is similar to Rachel in her ability to act as a defender as well. She is a slightly weaker version of Bernadette when it comes to damage, but her AoE + Single target utility makes up for it. She also has higher-than-aver DEF. A must haf Fire unit during a raid.





Mahar has access to the valuable (and somewhat rare) ability to taunt all enemies whenever an ally is in danger. He also has the ability to gain mana whenever his HP is either below or above a certain threshold, making him synergize very well with healers. He is a very tanky unit, but suffers via very poor damage. 





Magi has, by far, the best AOE damage in the game. Her high crit rating makes her generate mana easily and has great synergy with other units that help provide mana. She is slightly less useful when you don’t need AoE damage, so deploy her strategically for maximum synergy.


Baileysh / DARK / CHAOS



Baileysh is a smart choice against an evasive foe thanks to his high crit and hit rating. He also has the ability to steal mana from the enemy which can be devastating if a strategy is built around this. However, his low HP, DEF, and ATK make him a niche choice for the more strategic thinker.





Chati is the ultimate defender and passively makes your team very stable and hard to kill. She has great crowd control abilities as she can put enemies to sleep and buy time for support heroes to heal. Very high HP and DEF, but her low ATK speed make her less powerful in PvP.  Chati is very powerful in raid settings.





If you are facing enemies with fast attack speed, Bernavas can be very powerful thanks to his counterattack ability. In addition, he can stun enemy units and has a high HP and DEF stat. Although listed as an attacker, his main strength is long he can survive. His stun makes him a decent choice for PvP.


Shufraken / DARK / DEFENDER



If you are interested in PvP, you want to choose Shufraken for your team. He possesses extremely potent crowd control abilities and is a powerful mana provider and debuffer. His damage is low, but that is not the point of including Shufraken in your team. His HP and DEF make him hard to kill all while debuffing the enemy team.


Garff / LIGHT / Defender



Garff is a beast. Not only does he provide passive mana and buff your entire squad, he has an incredibly high block rate and pretty much never dies due to his insane DEF and HP stats. Believe it or not, Garff also deals solid damage with a decent ATK speed, making him good in all modes.



Exos Heroes will launch globally on May 28th, available on iOS and Android. Inven Global will be providing game guides, coverage, and everything you need to know in order to take launch week by storm and build a power-house team!


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    level 1 shamsmehra90


    i like this article, and they are so cool charecter, what do you say

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    level 1 CubeMage


    does the table of conditions to gain mana hold true at all times or just specific cases? I'm asking because the table says Light heroes gain mana if all allies survive, yet my Cybel only gains mana when hit by an enemy.

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      level 1 Btlgs


      The table only apply to 5 star heroes. 4 stars and lower only gain mana if it attacks (for offensive heroes) and hit by enemy (for defensive heroes).

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