Exos Heroes — A beginner's guide to getting started

Come May 28th, thousands of players from across the world will flock to Exos Heroes in order to experience the new global version of the game. Amongst these players are all types -- veteran RPG experts, new-to-the-series fans, and absolute beginners. If you consider yourself among the latter two categories, this guide is intended to help you get started, progress through the story, and develop an understanding how to assess Hero strength and build a powerful team.


What makes a powerful Hero?


Each hero has a certain ★ rating. Generally speaking, the higher the ★’s the more rare and powerful the hero!


Common: ★
Fate: ★★★★★


Each star represents 15 levels a hero can achieve. This means a 1★ hero can only get up to a max of level 15 while a 5★ hero can get all the way to level 75. Once a Hero reaches their max level, they can advance even further using special means and dragon raids!


Each hero has different stats (HP, Atk, Def, Hit, Evasion, Critical Hit, Block and Atk Spd) but an easy way to determine strength is to look at their Combat Points (CP). This is a catch-all number to easily figure out which hero is generally the most powerful.


Be careful about looking at just ★’s and C, however. When building a squad, passive and active abilities of each hero should be considered and synergized with for maximum effectiveness. In addition, a strong Tank and Support type hero is crucial for getting past elite content.


The summoning system


There are 6 types of ways to summon Hero to your squad in Exos Heroes:

- Free Summons
- Premium Summons
- Exodium Summons
- Sunstone Summons
- Fusing
- Limited Summons



Free Summons are just what they sound like… free! You can get up to a Rare ★★★ Heroes this way.


Premium Summons cost either 70 Zes (The in-game currency at Exos Heroes) for 1 attempt or 700 Zes for 11 attempts. A 11 attempt also gets players 1 Myu, which is used for Skin upgrades. If you choose 11 attempts, you are guaranteed at least one ★★★★ Heroes or above. For 7000 Zes, you get 1 unique ★★★★★ Hero ticket.


Exodium Summons - Exodium is a resource you get through expeditions and daily quests. For 10 Exodiums you get one roll.


Sunstone Summons - For 300 Sunstones, you get 1 one attempt. Using this technique, you can select a prefered continent for the summon and only heroes from the continent can be summoned. Each Hero comes from a specific continent, so you can better your chances of getting a specific Hero this way. Early on, it is best to avoid this option and focus on buying tickets or items for a character with Sunstones.


Fusing - If you have two legendary heroes, you can fuse them to summon another legendary or unique hero. You can even fuse two unique heroes to summon another new unique hero. This is usually considered a late-game option and costs a lot of Zes, so beginner players should usually stay clear from this option. However, this is guaranteed to get legendary and unique hero tickets.


Limited Summon - There is a limited pool of 500 heroes a player can summon. For 700 Zes, players can summon 10 heroes each attempt. Every couple weeks, three or four rare heroes are available with additional skins. Every time you summon a hero, that individual hero is removed from the pool of 500 heroes, meaning eventually you can obtain all 500 if you keep using this option.




How to grow your heroes + Tips for managing your resources


Exos Heroes is a F2P game, meaning you can invest as little or as much as you want at any time. For those who are interested in staying F2P, consider the following advice.


  • Simply put, leveling up your Heroes is the fastest way to progress through the game and absolutely necessary if you plan on engaging in PvP.  The exploration (or AFK mode) should be used whenever possible, as it is an efficient way to make sure all of your stamina is used, even when you are not playing.

  • Clearing through the story does NOT use Stamina, so it is a good idea to use all your Stamina ASAP via exploration. Then, you can go through the story aspects of the game while your Stamina is recharging!

  • You want to make sure you get a 3 ★ rating on every episode you complete. This will get you the maximum amount of Xes/Jess needed to purchase advanced banner pull, which you can do 3 times per month. This should be your primary goal, as it can easily get you Legendary or Fate level Heroes that you can add to your party, which greatly increases the speed in which you can clear through the story and find more powerful heroes + items.


  • Along the journey, you will obtain EXP Scrolls that can be used to level up heroes. It is best advised that you do not use all of these Scrolls on one Hero. While the starting Heroes are important to the story line, they are quickly outclassed by Legendary or Fate heroes you can summon -- use your EXP Scrolls on them instead and try to create a balanced line-up of 4★ and 5★ heroes!

  • Later on in the game, you will get access to the Sanctum of Experience. This dungeon is perfect for leveling up your squad of heroes. To enter this dungeon, you need tickets and those can be earned by completing challenge assignments found in the top-left hand corner of the main squad screen.

Exos Heroes is a deep game with TONS of different ways to play and progress. Follow these tips to get you started and feel free to experiment with all sorts of different heroes and squad combinations! Even low ★ ranked heroes can be used to synergize and make powerful teams with enough dedication!



Exos Heroes will launch globally on May 28th, available on iOS and Android. Inven Global will be providing game guides, coverage, and everything you need to know in order to take launch week by storm and build a power-house team!


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