[MSC] TES JackeyLove on facing T1 and the LPL teams' overall performance

Source: Official LCK Broadcast


On the 28th (KST), Day 1 of the Mid Season Cup took place at LoL Park and LPL Arena, respectively located in Seoul and Shanghai. Both LPL representatives of Group A, FPX and TES took down the LCK representatives to move on to the semi finals of the MSC.


After TES’ victory against T1 in the very last match of the day, Jackeylove joined the official broadcast for a post match interview.



How does it feel to take down T1?


It feels incredibly good.

How do you rate the overall performance of the LPL teams today?


Both our team and FPX played at a very high level today.

Is there anything that you learned from facing T1?


LCK teams don’t tend to make mistakes in the early game, so we took that into consideration and focused on our mid to late game teamfights.

The game was very back and forth, so how did the team stay focused and take down  Faker?


Knight and Karsa are incredibly good at finding the right angle to engage, and they were able to land all their skillshots on Faker, so I think both of them did their part very well.

Is there a particular team you’d like to face in the MSC?


Not really, as I’ve played against all the players I want to face in the past.




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