[MSC Today] Both LCK representatives of Group A eliminated, FPX and TES move onto semi finals


On the 28th (KST), Day 1 of the Mid Season Cup took place at LoL Park, Seoul, and at the LPL Arena in Shanghai. Both LPL teams came out with smiles at the end of the day, as FPX and TES from the LPL moved on to the semi finals of the tournament, which will be taking place on the 30th (KST).


The LCK Spring Champions, T1, and the 3rd place team in the 2020 LPL Spring, FunPlus Phoenix, faced off in the first game of the day. FPX drafted a composition that outscaled that of T1. Both teams did not shy away from skirmishes around the map, which seemed like . However, the jungler for T1, Cuzz, stacked up Dragon stacks from very early, which eventually led to T1 taking the Infernal Soul at 23 minutes, which also led to Baron Nashor and took the victory at 28 minutes.


In Game 2, DAMWON Gaming faced off against TOP Esports. TES’ mid and bot lakers, Knight and JackeyLove, proved to be too much for DWG to handle. Despite superior teamfighting prowess by DWG, Knight’s Leblanc and JackeyLove’s Varus were the ones that turned the fights in their favor, and with the help of Yuyanjia’s Yuumi, TES was able to close out the game in an explosive manner.


The battle of the LCK took place in Game 3, where T1 faced off against DWG. T1 seemingly had a lead early on in the series, and with superior teamfighting and movement around the map, it looked as if T1 was going to take the series. However, DWG did not back down without a fight, as Nuguri’s Kennen had game changing ultimates, and with Canyon’s Baron steal, DWG started to fight back. Although Faker’s Twisted Fate almost backdoored to take the game, DWG was eventually able to close out the game and kept their hopes alive of making it into the MSC semi-finals.


The two LPL teams of Group A faced off in the 4th match of the day. This game was all about Khan’s Wukong, where not only was he able to survive an early gank with a sliver of health, he was able to dive 369’s Jayce with Doinb’s Rumble to snowball. With this victory by FPX, all teams in Group A had a record of 1-1, which meant the next two matches of the day decided the teams that’ll be moving on to the semifinals of the tournament.


In the 5th game of the day, DWG faced off against FPX. As this game decided which team moves on to the semifinals, things were very fierce right from the get-go, as FPX successfully 3-man dived top lane twice in the early game to set Jayce behind. However, as many resources were poured into the top lane, DWG also funneled resources into Aphelios, and was even able to take Baron for themselves. However, their efforts were not enough, as FPX was able to force their hand by split pushing top lane and was able to take the first semi finals ticket of the MSC.


T1 faced off against TES in the last game of the day. Despite TES taking early Dragon stacks, T1 seemingly inched out ahead in the mid game by shutting down Knight’s Ekko in the bot lane. However, T1’s Baron attempt failed miserably, which turned the tides of the game for TES and eventually led to the destruction of T1’s Nexus. With this victory by TES, both LCK representatives of Group A failed to make it into the semi finals of the MSC, while the two LPL representatives proceeds to face two teams from Group B on the 30th (KST).


MSC day 1 Group A Result

Game 1: FPX(L) vs T1(W)
Game 2: TES(W) vs DWG(L)
Game 3: T1(L) vs DWG(W)
Game 4: TES(L) vs FPX(W)
Game 5: DWG(L) vs FPX(W)
Game 6: T1(L) vs TES(W)

Group A Standings

1st: FPX (2-1)
2nd: TES (2-1)

3rd: DWG (1-2)
4th: T1 (1-2)



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