League of Legends Patch 10.11 Notes buffs Marksman Champions

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League of Legends has rolled out the latest updates coming to the game. Patch 10.11 will be focusing on Marksman champions that for so long, have struggled to remain alive in lane during the early stages of the game.

To ensure Marksmen are more sturdy, developers have boosted their late-game mobility by bringing up the power of items like Zeal, Phantom Dancer, Rapid Firecannon, Statikk Shiv and Runaan’s Hurricane to an additional 2% movement speed. On top of that, the champion health stats will be receiving a generous boost. 

The changes will allow players to make more risky plays, bringing up the excitement of the game without being at risk of getting immediately slain. Marksman champions that lane more independently, like Lucian, Tristana, Kalista, and Vayne, will also get a leg up without putting them at too much of an advantage towards laning solo.

Going into specifics, solo laner Lucian will receive buff in his passive ability, Lightslinger will have a second shot critical strike, going up from 75% to 100%. Kalista’s Sentinel Soul-Marked bonus magic damage (W) will receive a significant boost, while it will cost no mana. Tristana will have a base attack speed buff from 0.656 to 0.679. Vayne’s tumble basic attack will have a bonus damage buff.

In hopes to make Marksmen less dependant on their supports, champions like Aphelios, Ashe, Caitlyn, Draven, Ezreal, Jhin, Jinx, Kai’Sa, Kog’Maw, Miss Fortune, Twitch, Sivir, Xayah and Varus (are we done?!) will be receiving a very similar base stat boost in health and health growth, allowing them more durability.

Volibear, the battle-spirit of the Freljord will enter the rift with a bang. Riot has been hyping up the reworked champion, featuring an ARAM event, a biography piece, a live stream reveal, and a reveal recap.

Nerfs and Buffs


Image Source: Riot Games


Diving into buffs, Fiddlesticks will receive an increase in his W minion damage, an increase in the Effigy posing time, on top of having the abilities cast on enemies while in that form terrify them. Gangplank had his base Attack Speed ramped up, while his Powder Keg (E) bug fix, no longer allowing them to stack bonus Sheen damage when chained. Hecarim’s Rampage (Q) had a damage increase, with a minion damage reduction increased. Kai’Sa’s Icathian Rain (Q) received an Attack Damage ratio increase, with Killer Instinct (R) seeing a range increase. Lux had a slow duration increase in Lucent Singularity (E).


Not everyone can receive a helping hand from developers. Nerfed champions include Graves, with End of the Line (Q) had a quickdraw, with a first shot damage ratio reduced. Janna’s Zephyr (W) had a base damage decrease, while Syndra had a cooldown increase in Scatter of the Weak (E) as one of the strongest Mid Laners in-game. Talon, one of the strongest Mid Laners in high elo play had a cost increase and kill decrease early in Noxian Diplomacy (Q).

SpaceX manned launch is not the only thing headed to space this week. The new Astronaut skins are set to be released, featuring Gnar, Bard, and Poppy.


Astronaut Gnar
Astronaut Mega Gnar
Astronaut Poppy
Astronaut Bard


Patch 10.11 will be released a day later than usual, as well as the release of patch notes. For a complete list of all URF and ARAM balance changes, check the official patch notes from the Riot Games development team.




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