Legends of Runeterra Patch 1.2 balances new mechanics from Rising Tides

Patch 1.2 is just in!


The Legends of Runeterra patch 1.2 brings the first balance changes since the debut of the game’s first expansion, Rising Tides.


The patch update aims to maintain a fair and diverse meta in the game. The Legends of Runeterra team will evaluate how top meta decks test player skills, like in-game decision making, adaptability, and deck building skills.


“In order to achieve this, we’ll continue to update cards for balance once a month (every other patch) in order to cultivate a healthy metagame over time. When deciding on changes, we look to a number of metrics (and your collective feedback), with particularly key ones including individual card win rates (especially in their most ideal region pairing), deck win rates, and champion play rates. We also want every card to have a home, which, taken with the above framework, helps us decide which specific cards to test and ultimately change (though again, this doesn’t mean we expect all cards to be equally competitive or prevalent across modes).”  




Rainbow Poros are just too cute. And apparently very loving.


Four new emotes are available for purchase in the store.


The new Arcade board is available, with old school chiptune sounds and pixelated effects!


New Card Back art inspired by the Arcade theme!


Nexus Damage


Rising Tides has allowed players to significantly increase their Nexus damage deals. The addition of new cards and mechanics, including Plunder, Noxian siege weapon, and of course, pirates, has allowed players to build decks focused on nexus damage. To balance the new trend, the development team has made early damage more stoppable and given players new options for healing. Considered to be a bigger issue than foreseen, the team will continue to monitor and work through the effects of the new balancing measures.


If you are looking for more complete Card Updates, trust us, they are extensive, you can find them in the official patch notes blog post.




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