TSM signs competitive VALORANT team

▲ Image Source: TSM


Esports organization TSM has announced the signing of a competitive VALORANT team. Riot Games' upcoming tactical shooter is being released on June 2nd, and TSM is the 5th organization to announce the signing of competitive VALORANT players ahead of its release. 


TSM's VALORANT roster is the second full team for the upcoming game after Ninjas In Pyjamas converted their entire squad for Paladins to a VALORANT team. One day before TSM's announcement, Immortals announced four VALORANT signings. "With the release of its closed beta in April attracting over 1.2 million viewers on Twitch, VALORANT is next in line to be the world’s next biggest esports title," TSM said in its announcement.




The TSM roster features James "hazed" Cobb as Support/In-Game Leader, Support/IGL: James "hazed" Cobb, Support Stephen "reltuC" Cutler, and Riflers Taylor "drone" Johnson, Matthew "WARDELL" Yu, and Yassine"Subroza" Taoufik. They will be coached by Taylor 'tailored' Broomall, who was formerly the Analyst/Coach/Manager for Boxr, Splyce, and Envy. The entirety of TSM's VALORANT roster is comprised of former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive professional talent.


“We’re thrilled to be working together with such an iconic organization. Deciding to move on from CS:GO to Valorant was a hard decision to make but with a prestigious organization like TSM backing you, it makes the whole thing way more exciting," TSM's VALORANT squad said in a statement featured in the official announcement. "TSM is a cornerstone of the esports community and we look forward to the opportunity to build something with them moving forward in a new and exciting space. #TSMWIN”


No VALORANT esports competitions have been announced as of this time, but as soon as tournaments start being organized, look for TSM's new squad to be amongst the top competition in what is set up to be a blossoming competitive scene.



For more content on VALORANT, Riot Games' highly-anticipated tactical shooter set for release this year, head over to our dedicated VALORANT section!


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