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Legends of Runeterra is Riot Games’ collectible card game, set in the same universe as League of Legends. A large part of the champions found in League of Legends have been split across six factions in Legends of Runeterra, namely: Demacia, Freljord, Ionia, Noxus, Piltover and Zaun, Shadow Isles, and Bilgewater. In this article, we’ll take a look at the four champions from Bilgewater, their second level, their Champion Spells, and any other cards related to them.


The official description of Bilgewater reads: "Bilgewater is a port city like no other—home to monster hunters, dock-gangs, indigenous peoples, and traders from across the known world. Almost anything can be purchased here, from outlawed hextech to the favor of local crime lords. There is no better place to seek fame and fortune, though death lurks in every alleyway, and the law is almost non-existent."



▲ In Legends of Runeterra, Bilgewater is represented by Fizz, Miss Fortune, Twisted Fate, Gangplank, and Nautilus.





Fizz is the cheapest champion of the Bilgewater region in Legends of Runeterra. He's as slippery here as he is in League of Legends, and aims to evade all incoming attacks. Whenever you cast a spell, Fizz gets the Elusive keyword for the remainder of the round, meaning he can only be blocked by other Elusive units. Mind you, if you've already locked Fizz in for combat and the enemy has lined up a blocker, and then you make Fizz Elusive, he will still be blocked by the enemy unit. Fizz's evasive nature extends beyond enemy units, however: upon triggering his ability, all enemy spells targeting him will also be nullified.


After you've cast six spells, Fizz reaches his second level. He keeps his traits that make him so slippery, and gets a +1/+1 boost in stats to make him punch a bit harder. He'll start generating a lot of value. Every time Fizz does damage to the enemy Nexus, he'll generate a Chum the Waters spell. Upon being played, Chum the Waters summons a powerful Longtooth. Additionally, it makes an enemy unit Vulnerable, meaning they can be forced to face one of your units in combat.


If you already have a Fizz on the board and you draw another one, that copy of Fizz turns into his Champion Spell: Playful Trickster. The spell sacrifices one attacking ally to give you Rally, meaning you can attack an additional time with your allies. It can catch your opponent off-guard completely, so play it smart to get in the maximum amount of extra damage.


Miss Fortune



Miss Fortune is the Area of Effect (AoE) queen of Bilgewater. While her stats aren't very impressive—three health and three attack power for three mana isn't horrible, but it's certainly not good either—her ability makes more than up for it. If Miss Fortune is in play, and any of her allies attack, she queues her Love Tap Skill. Upon triggering, it deals one damage to the enemy Nexus and all battling enemies, softening them up for a fatal blow. It's an immensely powerful ability, especially since Miss Fortune doesn't have to take part in the fight herself for her ability to trigger.


After you've attacked four times while Miss Fortune is in play, she reaches her second level. She gains a +1/+1 bonus, and receives the Overwhelm keyword to make an extra dent in the enemy Nexus. But the most powerful upgrade is that of her Skill. Love Tap turns into Bullet Time, which essentially is three Love Taps stacked on top of each other. The AoE ability is a true board clear now, and easily wipes wounded and small enemy units off the board.


Miss Fortune doubles down on her board-clearing ability with her Champion Spell. Make it Rain doesn't look all too impressive at first glance. You'd rather get to choose which targets you damage, after all. However, oftentimes the enemy doesn't have more than three units on board, so you're guaranteed to land the damage on the target you're aiming for. It's a decent way to soften them up, or take out damaged and small enemies.


Twisted Fate



Twisted Fate starts off pretty weak. Costing four mana with two attack power and two health, he's massively understatted. He does make up for it in some capacity with his on-play effect. When Twisted Fate enters the board, he lets you choose one of his three signature cards: the blue card which draws you a card and refills mana, the yellow card which deals damage and stuns an enemy, and the red card which deals AoE damage. The flexibility of it is especially powerful, and allows you to adapt to multiple situations.


To no-one's surprise, Twisted Fate loves cards. He levels up when you've drawn eight cards with him in play. And whereas his first level may have been a bit underwhelming, level two Twisted Fate is a true menace. The first three times each round you play a card, you get to choose one of the color cards' effects. Want to draw three cards? Choose three blue cards. Need targeted damage? Follow the yellow card road. Again, flexibility is what makes the ability especially powerful, as you can constantly adapt your strategy.


Twisted Fate's Champion Spell plays directly towards his level-up requirement. It lets you trade any card from your hand for three new cards, giving you the opportunity to strengthen your hand. Drawing three cards for three mana is already powerful, but to make it even stronger: Pick a Card is a burst spell, meaning your opponent cannot prevent its effect from triggering.





Gangplank is accompanied by his trusted Powder Kegs, which he summons when he is played. They have a truly unique effect. The Powder Kegs give a boost to any spell that deals damage to an enemy, increasing it by one. They automatically trigger whenever one of your spells does deal damage, but they can be nullified by your opponent: Powder Kegs are Vulnerable, meaning the opponent can drag them into battle when they're on the offense.


If you've damaged the enemy Nexus five times in separate rounds this game, he reaches his second level. He receives a +1/+1 buff, which plays well into his Overwhelm ability. Additionally, whenever Gangplank attacks, he now queues his Powderful Explosion Skill which, upon triggering, deals one damage to all enemies, including their Nexus. This pairs fantastically with his upgraded Powder Keg ability: at the start of each round, he summons another one. They stack, meaning they only take up one slot. If you play it well you can stack multiple Powder Kegs and deal a massive amount of damage to all enemies.


Parrrley is a simple Champion Spell. It's a slow spell, meaning you can only cast it outside of combat. It deals one damage to any target of your choosing, whether it's an enemy unit, or perhaps a friendly unit whose Last Breath effect you want to trigger. If Parrrley kills the target, it also deals one damage to the enemy Nexus.





Nautilus emerges from the deep as the true tank of Bilgewater, with a unique playstyle attached to him. He starts off pretty unimpressive: he has the Tough and Fearsome keywords, but no attack power. Other than soaking up incoming damage, level one Nautilus will only be useful if you buff his attack power.


If you meet Nautilus' level-up condition of having only 15 cards left in your deck, the titan awakens and unleashes his devastating power. Firstly, he copies all allied units with four or more attack that you may have Tossed (discarded) in order to grind to the last 15 cards in your deck, and shuffles them back in. Then he gets an insane level up bonus: instead of receiving the general +1/+1, he gets +13/+1 in stats extra. Once Nautilus is in play at his second level, he discounts all friendly Sea Monster cards by four mana. This allows you to rapidly flood the board with huge units, swinging the game in your favor.


Riptide, Nautilus' Champion Spell, helps you to stall the game as you try and reach the final 15 cards in your deck by Stunning incoming damage. Even better: since you already have a Nautilus in play (otherwise the newly drawn Nautilus wouldn't have turned into its Champion Spell), you'll immediately shuffle the Stunned enemy back into the opponent's deck.



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