Inven Global Cast - Ep. 14 - How much would it take for you to Fortnite?



Episode 14 of the Inven Global cast was, once again, filled with Valorant news! We can't help it if Riot's new FPS shooter keeps dominating esports headlines -- we also can't help whether or not hackers breach our computers because of Valorant's Kernel-level anti-cheat software, but at least Eric can sleep at night knowing he can turn it off.

This week's Podcast was joined by our special guest, Kelsey Remige! Kelsey is a Partnerships Manager at Inven Global and her job is to make sure no one hates us. We certainly don't hate her, so we will consider that a job well done on her part.



You can follow our podcast talent on Twitter @Nickdorazio3rd@winkostainless and @kelseyRemige.

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