TFT patch 10.9 adds more galaxies, adjusts twelve traits and eighteen champions

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Teamfight Tactics patch 10.9 is going live later this week, and it brings a heap of changes. Riot Games is introducing two additional Galaxies to their autobattler and makes adjustments to many traits and champions. Additionally, the drop rate of champions is being adjusted, so the meta is bound to be shaken up quite a bit.


On his YouTube channel, Teamfight Tactics developer Stephen "Mortdog" Mortimer highlighted all the planned changes and discussed them extensively.



The two new Galaxies that are being introduced are called Treasure Trove and Star Cluster. In the Treasure Trove galaxy, all monsters killed in the monster rounds will drop an item. This means that every game will turn into a complete item fiesta—no more complaining that you only got gold from the creep round. Star Cluster ups the ante on the champion carousel: every 1-cost, 2-cost, or 3-cost champion that appears on a carousel in that galaxy will be a 2-star unit.




After receiving an emergency balance adjustment last week, Dark Stars are toned down even further in patch 10.9. The bonus attack damage and ability power fellow Dark Stars receive upon one of their pals dying is reduced at the first two tiers of the synergy. The monstrous Mecha Pilot is being toned down too: its health is reduced, and the pilots of the mech no longer receive a mana bump when they're ejected from their seats.





Over in the champion department, many adjustments are being made. Master Yi becomes significantly stronger early on in his one-star and two-star version, but his three-star version sees a drop in his ability's power. Lucian, Rakan, and Yasuo all have their targeting system adjusted, so you'll have to be more careful with positioning them going forward.



Other changes


The champion appearance rate in the shop is being adjusted from levels three to seven. It comes down to a very simple principle: you'll have a higher chance of finding a 1-cost unit. At level four, for example, you'll now have a sixty percent chance of seeing a 1-cost champion in your shop, going up from fifty percent. This does take away percentage points from 2-cost and 3-cost champions, however. The only item being adjusted in the patch is Quicksilver. Its effective time is being reduced significantly: from 15 seconds down all the way to 10 seconds.



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