[Cartoon] A look into the end of the Spring of 2020 LoL esports


Today’s cartoon is about the passing of Spring, and a look into the Summer season in LoL esports.


This year’s Spring season, which was full of various incidents around the world, has finally passed. These incidents shook the esports scene in LoL in many different ways, some of which are still affecting the scene. As we all get ready for the intensely hot upcoming Summer season, let’s take a look back at the hot issues of the Spring season.


BMW’s choice was right. Four out of the five teams that BMW sponsored have made it to the finals, and three of them became domestic champions by 3-0ing their opponents. Although BMW’s sponsoring the teams that previously found much success in their regions, it’s unknown whether BMW knew that these teams are going to be this dominant. While many fans are anticipating continued success from these BMW sponsored teams, my deepest condolences goes out to Fnatic and FPX.


Doublelift, the now former Bot laner for Team Liquid, made his return to his former team, TSM. After Doublelift’s long tenure in CLG, TSM was like a second home to this veteran. Although many fans are thrilled to see Doublelift reunite with Bjergsen and Biofrost, there are many fans that are concerned for Kobbe, who was picked up from EU this Spring. Whether or not Kobbe will be competing for the spot on the starting roster with Doublelift, or, as many rumors say, will be leaving the team, only time will tell.


The coronavirus is still widely affecting the world. Not only did matches switch to an online format, it also led to various fan meets and even MSI being cancelled. This pandemic is definitely the worst thing to affect the scene in LoL history. Although no one can predict how things will be in the Summer, everyone’s hoping for the World Championship to safely be held. Alongside small event matches to make up for the loss of MSI, of course.


Spring split has passed, and after a short off-season, Summer’s definitely on its way. However, there’s a month-long break in between. I’d reckon many of the players are busy preparing for the Summer, while the industry personnels are getting ready in their own ways as well. Here’s to hoping safe during this offseason, and that everyone’s efforts in making the scene better will be recognized to their fullest.



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