T1 Kim: "They all played well, but my MVP pick for tonight is Faker."


On the 25th (KST), T1 took on Gen.G in the 2020 LCK Spring Finals. With a set score of 3-0, T1 dominated Gen.G to be crowned the 2020 LCK Spring Champions. Cuzz and Canna were the key players of the series, where both players performed on a level far higher than their respective opponents, and Cuzz was named the Finals MVP of the series.


The Head Coach for T1, Kim “Kim” Jeong-soo, joined Inven Global to talk about the match and what’s next for the team.


It was a clean 3-0 victory from T1 tonight. Did you expect it? Or did the players perform better than expected?


Honestly speaking, I didn’t expect a 3-0 sweep. I expected a closer series tonight, but the players rode the momentum well to take the victory.

Cuzz performed exceptionally well tonight. Did you ask anything special of him?


Not just Cuzz, but I told everyone to play with a comfortable mind tonight. Because they’ve all been doing well throughout the Spring season, I told them that however the results turned out to be, they’ve done well this season. I talk with every player about their Champion pool, but the fact that despite almost all the ban cards used against him, the level of performance that he showed is something that I’m very proud of. He definitely deserved to be named the MVP of the series.



Cuzz and Canna played out of their minds tonight, but who’s your choice of MVP for tonight?


Tonight… They all played well, but my MVP pick for tonight is Faker. He was that sturdy rock in the Mid Lane, and I’m very proud of his performance on Corki. He was very patient in waiting for his teammates.



The team lost two ban cards because of being late. How did it affect the team in Game 1?


It really didn’t affect us at all. We may have lost ban cards, but we just picked whatever OP champions were left. We were close to having the benefit of first picking on Blue side, but when Gen.G banned out three Jungle Champions, we happily first picked Graves.

If T1 didn’t lose the two ban cards, how do you predict the draft will go in Game 1?


I think the draft would’ve been similar, since they banned out three Jungle Champions.

How do you rate Gen.G’s draft tonight? They had a lot of interesting picks and bans.


I think that draft is a thing that can only be evaluated based on results, and all teams have a very different take on which Champions are good and bad, so I’ll kindly decline on evaluating their draft.

Although everyone did very well tonight, if you had to choose one piece of feedback for the players, what would it be?


I haven’t thought about it yet. I don’t have any piece of feedback for them just yet.

What does tonight’s victory mean for you and the rest of T1?


It’s a good start. I want the players to use this victory to look at the bigger picture. I hope that tonight’s victory will become the starting point to grow into better players, and look to win the Summer split, and Worlds as well.

In our last interview, you told us that you want to go hiking with the players. Faker also said he’ll go if you ask him, so are you planning to go with him?


I was planning to, but because of the coronavirus pandemic, I’m not sure whether or not the team will allow me to go. I’ll either go if it dies down a lot more, or just rest up quietly, unaffecting the whole situation.

Can you share a few words to the players and the staff that worked so hard during this split?


All the coaches and players worked so hard, so I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart. Not only did the rookies follow the veterans well, the veterans were core members that I needed them to be.I equally send my gratitude to all five of my players.

Lastly, a word to your fans?


I’m incredibly thrilled to be crowned LCK Spring champions, and want to thank each and everyone for their support. We’ll keep working hard to become the team that will far exceed the fans’ expectations. Thank you.



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