[LCK Today] From Splitpushing to poke/mid-late game team compositions, DWG takes down KT 2-1 and displays supremacy


On the 18th (KST), in the Wildcard match between DAMWON Gaming and kt Rolster, DWG defeated KT 2-1 to move onto Round 1 of the LCK Spring playoffs. While both teams traded blows to even out the series, DWG were the ones that had a clear composition advantage in Game 3 to take the victory and will be facing DRX in the next round.


DWG was very cookie cutter in their Side Lane macro in Game 1. Although DWG gave up Dragon control, with Nuguri’s Camille and ShowMaker’s Kassadin taking priority in both Top and Bot lane, they were able to take a definite lead against KT. Although KT tried to turn the tides of the game through teamfighting, ShowMaker’s Kassadin was able to run through the enemy team to take Game 1.


In Game 2, DWG played at a very fast pace. With Canyon playing Pantheon in the Jungle, they repeatedly dived Top Lane to keep the pressure on. However, when DWG tried to open teamfights through the use of Sion and Pantheon ultimate, KT was able to successfully take it head on. The scenario where Kuro’s Galio tanked the enemy coming in, while Aiming’s Varus freely damaging the enemy, Aiming was able to deal nearly 45,000 damage to Champions in Game 2 to even up the scoreboard.


In the last game of the series, DWG drafted a poke/mid-late team composition. Corki and Kog’Maw were able to take kills in early skirmishes to scale well, and were able to output incredible amounts of damage in later teamfights. Even when they were fewer in numbers, DWG successfully drove off KT to take Dragons. Although Tusin and Bono successfully initiated into DWG to seemingly turn the flow of the game in their favor, it wasn’t enough. DWG’s poke damage was too much for KT to handle, eventually leading DWG to take the Infernal Soul. With a final dominating teamfight by DWG, they took the series to move on to face DRX in Round 1 of the LCK Spring playoffs.




2020 LCK Spring Wildcard Match Results


DAMWON Gaming 2 : 1 kt Rolster



2020 LCK Spring Playoffs Schedule


P.O Round 1: DAMWON Gaming vs. DragonX - 5 p.m, 20th (KST)


P.O Round 2: Winner of P.O Round 1 vs. T1 - 5 p.m, 22nd (KST)


Finals: Winner of P.O Round 2 vs. Gen.G - 5 p.m, 25th (KST)

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