Patch 10.8 expands TFT with 'super synergies', new Galaxy maps, and Xerath

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Coming Wednesday, patch 10.8 will hit the live servers of Teamfight Tactics. As foreshadowed, it'll be a big one. Riot Games is re-introducing 'super synergies' to the autobattler, as well as two new Galaxy maps that each influence the game in a different way. A new champion is making its way to Teamfight Tactics too: Xerath, a Dark Star Sorcerer.


The super synergies are, once again, aimed to reward those doubling and tripling down on a specific origin or trait within the game. Currently, in Teamfight Tactics, Blademasters, Dark Stars, Rebels, and Sorcerers cap out their synergies at a six-unit synergy. With patch 10.8 these will all gain a new, higher maximum synergy bonus, which is reached when you acquire nine of the same origin or trait. Sorcerers are an exception, as their super synergy requires you to have eight of them on board. For Infiltrators and Protectors, the cap sits at four at the moment. They'll both get another tier of synergy too, which is reached at six of the same trait or origin.


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Needless to say, it's going to be hard to acquire these synergies. Even with the addition of Xerath (more about him later), for example, there are only seven Dark Star units in the game—you'll need two Dark Star's Hearts to reach the powerful new synergy tier.


New arenas to fight on


When Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies was out on the PBE, Riot Games experimented with a few new arena mechanics that each influenced the game differently. Some ended up making it to the launch of TFT: Galaxies, but a few were kept out. With patch 10.8, however, players will get to enjoy two new galaxies: Trade Sector and Superdense. Neither new galaxy is difficult to grasp. Trade Sector gives you a free re-roll at the start of each round, allowing you to cycle for necessary units far quicker. Superdense expands players' composition early on, rewarding players with a Force of Nature as soon as they hit level five in the game.


Xerath blasts onto the board


The final major adjustment coming with patch 10.8 is the brand new champion Xerath. It's a pricey unit, sitting at a gold cost of five. However, the reward for making him work is high. Upon reaching full mana, Xerath transforms into an abyssal bomb lobber. His auto attacks turn into spells that hit a target for 300 damage (400 and 2500 at Xerath's level 2 and 3, respectively). If the attack kills the target, splash damage is dealt to all adjacent units, also stunning them. Xerath is highly explosive, and one can only fantasize about the damage he'll do when carrying a Rabadon's Deathcap, Jeweled Gauntlet, or Luden's Echo.


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    level 1 lWarlock

    More stuff to ruin the ranked matches. They should be like the regular LoL, no "mods" and leave it to normal game. It sucks to play a ranked match with random events, it should be always the same.

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