Game breaking VALORANT exploit uses Cypher to create DIY gun turret


As VALORANT continues another week of it's closed beta, it is to be expected that bugs and glitches are going to be discovered. While the overwhelming demand for VALORANT beta access isn't because suddenly millions of gamers want to work in quality assurance, some players are dutifully using a bug reporting mega-thread on /r/VALORANT to well... report bugs!


And one of the most recent bugs hilarity is only matched by its lethality. Behold, the DIY Cypher gun turret:



Reddit user u/shrewdoptimistxd reported the bug on the mega thread as follows:


**Type of Bug: Dropping gun to cypher camera

**Description: You can drop pistols to your cypher camera and shoot with it.

**Video / Screenshot:

**Steps to reproduce: Place camera, drop your pistol ontop of it and change to camera view right away. If done right, you press your pistolkey (default 2) and you pull out the gun.

**Reproduction rate:100%


For a more visual explanation of the bug, check out the video below created by YouTuber Firewall.



So what is going on here? At a glance, it appears Cypher's camera ability may share some properties with player-controlled agents.


In the same way that you can share a weapon with an ally by throwing it at them, perhaps Cypher's camera can also "pick up" a weapon.  After you fire a tracking dart, once a gun is attached to the camera, the same tracking dart fire ability now fires the weapon.


Clearly it's only a matter of time before this exploit is patched out of the game, but it is amusing to witness it in all of it's closed beta glory.

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