Is "Michael" the horrifying reality of gamers? Inven Cast Episode 11 with Nick and Eric is live!

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Another week, another Wednesday, and another episode of the Inven Global cast. As Valorant Beta demands ravaged esports Twitter and Hearthstone / World of Warcraft players dived into new content, Nick D'Orazio, Director of Corporate Strategy at Inven Global and his Business Manager college Eric Gindelle were hard at work doing the job of esports.


What is the job of esports? Well, for at least an hour every week it involves wildly speculating about the industry, video games, the esports market and pretty much anything else regarding gaming news and events.


Michael, the terrifying creation of a "research facility" studying the effects of gaming, is "supposedly" what gamers can expect if they continue their horrible lifestyle of relaxing and playing games with friends and family.



Yeah, we aren't too sure how accurate this depiction is either.  That being said, Nick can at least "understand" why this image was made in the first place:




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