Sage Agent Rundown - How to play this VALORANT Sentinel

Image via Riot Games


If you've got your eyes on a VALORANT beta code, but you still don't know who you want to play, check out this guide for Sage, one of the more supportive agents. If you have a tactical mind, but slow fingers, Sage is a great agent to start with. Sage's kit excels at slowing things down, blocking off enemies, and healing her allies. 


Sage can build walls to funnel the enemy and provide her team more cover. She can launch a slow field into a corridor and make it impossible for the enemy to dodge her shots. Sage can even revive an ally, recoloring their gray screen and turning the tides in the match. 


While other agents are flashy, sneaky and secretive, or just eager to run in and fight, Sage is happy to sit in the back, control her zone, and heal up anyone who may have gotten hurt in their haste. Check out our full agent guide here.






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