Breach Agent Rundown - How to play this VALORANT Initiator


Whereas some agents have confusing class titles - like Cypher, a Sentinel (what does that even mean, you know?) - Breach does exactly what his class says he does: He hits W and blasts his way forward. He's THE Initiator.  


Breach excels at getting his team out of their hiding spots and into the enemies' faces. With flash grenades, wall explosions, huge zones of control and a giant game-changing earthquake of an ultimate, he is the perfect agent for getting the job done and getting it done quick.


Whereas some agents use their abilities to pace out a round, slowing down enemies or providing coverage for their allies, Breach steps on the gas. He is great at setting up his team's Duelists who are itching for a fight, and can boasts plenty of tools to ensure victory. Blind your enemies, blow up walls, and become (temporary) God of Earth while you conjure up energies from the planet's core to incapacitate those who stand in your way.


Check out our video guide below for more information on Breach.





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