Viper Agent Rundown - How to play this VALORANT Controller

Image via Riot Games


If you love shotguns, do I have an agent for you. Meet Viper, the green gas throwing, shotgun loving, Controller agent in Riot Games' newest game, VALORANT. If you don't like getting sniped from across the map, just create fake walls and hide your team using Viper's incredibly dynamic kit. Block off your enemies'  line of sight, control the spike planting zones, and take ownership of the space you're in. 


Whereas some of the agents are selfish Duelists or earthquake making Initiators, Viper is a slower paced agent who likes to help get everything set up for her team to succeed. However, she has a downside, and in the wrong hands can ruin the whole team's experience. When Viper sets up her vision denial, it denies everyone. Her enemies, her teammates, and herself. 


So be sure to check out our agent guide to learn her skills and get familiar with how to use them, and beware blocking your teammates and giving the advantage to the enemy. She's an incredible asset when used well, but just make sure you use her well. ;)





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