Jett Agent Rundown - How to play this VALORANT Duelist


Perhaps the most famous and well anticipated agent in VALORANT so far is none other than Jett, the most selfish and flashy of the current agents available at Closed Beta launch. Learn how each of her abilities work, but also the ways in which using them can actually hinder your performance. A strong Jett player can Ace the enemy team, but a weaker one will just make themselves look silly as they fumble around with her combos as they try to navigate around a fight.


Like Phoenix, Jett's a Duelist, which means her kit is designed to be selfish and increase her chances to kill the enemy by herself. However, in the wrong hands she's really just fodder for the enemies to stack ult charges on. And while most other heroes have pretty clear jobs and ways to impact the game, Jett has to get a bit more creative and be a little more reliant on gunplay and positioning than others.  


Avoid feeding your enemies and learn how to #GetGud with Jett in our all encompassing Agent Guide below. 





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