[Official] Dignitas grants Huni permission to search for other teams

▲ Photo by Parkes Ousley of Inven Global


Saturday afternoon, Dignitas tweeted out that they are giving their World Finalist top laner, Heo "Huni" Seung-hoon permission to search for other options leading into the Leagueof Legends Championship Series Summer Split. Huni was the sole member from the 2019 9th-to-Worlds run on Clutch/Dignitas that carried through the team on 2020, but after failing to qualify for Spring Playoffs despite an incredible start of the season, Huni is now seeking other options.




Huni, who was reported to have an $2.3 million salary over two years, has been on a plethora of teams in the past, finding success across multiple regions. He was a large factor in FNC's Summer 2015 undefeated run, going 18-0 with the team in his rookie season (second split). The very next season he moved to NA and took Immortals to 17-1 in their debut split, and followed it up with a 16-2 split that Summer. He then moved to SKT, going 16-2 yet again, losing only 5 regular season games/sets across three splits. With SKT, he won MSI and fell to SSG in the Worlds Finals. 


▲ Image Source: Riot Games


His return to NA, however, hasn't panned out. He has one 3rd place finish in the playoffs across five splits and an impressive 9th to Worlds run that ended in his team failing to win a single game in the Group Stage. After yet another frustrating split, he has requested permission to search for other options. 


While it is likely huni stays in NA, as there have been many underperforming top laners this year, he may also be searching for positions back in KR or EU. He has often said NA is the hardest to win the playoffs, and it has been his goal since returning in 2018, however, he has found more success than most NA players have even gotten close to by playing in other regions, and he may end up searching for options abroad as well. 


We reached out to Dignitas, and they confirmed that this was not a late April Fools joke or parrt of any other Twitter memery. Please follow here for updates, or follow our Twitter below, where we post other news and esports content. 

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