GEN Clid: "When I played against T1, I had mixed feelings... "


On the 3rd (KST), Gen.G shook off their loss against T1 by shutting out SANDBOX Gaming 2-0 in the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea Spring Split. Gen.G jungler Kim “Clid” Tae-min played Sejuani and Elise in his team’s victory. After the match, Clid joined Inven Global in an online interview.




Congrats on today's win. How do you feel?


We lost our last game against T1 so we needed to improve what we lacked. There's still more to do so we'll be doing our best to find and improve until our next match.

After seeing Gen.G's massive performance in Game 1, some fans said that Gen.G's really angry about your winning streak being stopped yesterday. How regretful was yesterday's loss?


About the loss yesterday, the tier of the champions weren't quite properly organized and there were problems in our plays as well. I personally made several mistakes too. It was really regretful.

How was the team atmosphere? And what kind of feedback did you have?


Our head coach said that winning streaks have to end sometime. Although we lost, we gained a lot as well so we thought of the loss positively.

You still would have had an odd feeling since it was your former team.


When I played against T1 in KeSPA Cup or the first LCK match against them, I had mixed feelings. The feeling that made me want to win really bad. So it was hard to control my feelings. Yesterday, it was a lot more comfortable but it was regretful that we lost because of the things I mentioned earlier.

So there were no personal feelings yesterday?


No, I don't feel anything anymore.

Gen.G is still maintaining 1st place. When you first joined Gen.G, did you think that you would be doing so well? Or are you doing better than expected?


All of our players would do well wherever they go. I thought that we could be in 1st place if we just build good synergy. The standings can be different depending on the synergy other teams build as well. I think we're in 1st place because we brought up our synergy early. 

It's been a while since you joined Gen.G. Compared to yourself when you were in T1 last year, how is Clid of Gen.G different?


Last year in spring, Faker or Mata often led the team, but now, we're all leading each other. I think I've changed a lot regarding what I say in-game and making shotcalls.

Fiddlesticks has been reworked. As a jungler, how does it look?


Since we're preparing for the LCK, the version was different so I haven't been able to play. Usually, when a new champion appears, they get banned in ranked, so I think it'll be banned this time as well. I would be able to know after playing Fiddlesticks. 

How's the reworked Wukong? Although he's a global ban right now, if he can be played in the LCK?


I saw Wukong a few times in ranked. The champion seems... Quite good. He can be swapped between top and jungle so if he's unbanned, he'll be playable. I only saw him a few times, but he seemed broken. Especially as the Blade of the Ruined King was buffed, he would be even better, so that would affect him too.

Your next match is against DragonX. They’re also quite a strong team. Which part of DragonX are you looking out for the most?


We were on a good roll, but it was stopped momentarily when we lost to T1. We need to build our momentum again little by little. DragonX is a good team, so it’s important for us to be on our toes.

To keep your momentum, you really need to beat DragonX.


It is really important in a way.

What’s Clid’s goal for this year?


My personal goal as a player is to improve every year, every season. The biggest goal is winning the championship as a team. This spring has been going quite well, but since we lost only to T1, I think we should prepare more especially against them.

Lastly, a word to the fans?


As much as games are played online, I’m thankful to everyone who cheers for us. I’ll practice hard to show good performances.

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