GEN Rascal on Bdd's upcoming 1,000th kill: "No one said a single word about that. When Ruler got his 1,000th kill, no one knew as well."


On the 3rd (KST), Gen.G defeated SANDBOX Gaming 2-0 in the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea Spring Split. Although Gen.G lost to T1 on the previous day, they weren’t shaken up. Gen.G support Kim “Kellin” Hyeong-gyu started in today’s match and was voted as the Player of the Game (POG) along with Kim “Rascal” Kwang-hee.



(To Kellin) It’s been 48 days since you played last and not only did you win, you got a POG. How do you feel?


Kellin: I feel good that I played today and that we even won.

Rascal played Sett against Gnar. Wasn’t it difficult?


Rascal: Game 1 was a bit hard but I think it went alright in Game 2.

Kellin got three POG votes out of nine. Don’t you think you should have gotten more votes?


Kellin: It’s because all the other players did well too. I’m kind of curious about why I got the POG.

During the time you weren’t playing, Life had been doing extremely well. Were you extra motivated by his performance? 


Kellin: When Life was playing, I just did my best to make my performance better. I thought that I would play someday and I finally did today.

Is the reason you played today that Gen.G lost to T1 yesterday or that your condition was just right for today?


Kellin: I played because my condition was good today.

How was the feedback after your loss yesterday?


Rascal: It was regretful that we weren’t able to do all the plays we could do against T1 yesterday. So we said that we should bring the aggressive performance that we can for today’s match and for the matches to come. 

How was the team atmosphere like after the loss?


Rascal: Everyone felt quite regretful at first, but later, we thought we found what was lacking. After some feedback, we came back to usual.

Who tries to make the mood the most in the team?


Rascal: Everyone does. Players, coaching staff… Everyone.

In Game 2, Rascal’s Sett was amazing. Were you aware of Doran’s performance on Sett yesterday? If you compare yourself to Doran, what are your strengths?


Rascal: Doran’s performances have been really good lately… I don’t think I can really compare myself to him.

Bdd doesn’t have that many kills left until 1,000. Were you aware of it?


Rascal: No one said a single word about that. When Ruler got his 1,000th kill, no one knew as well. We don’t think about it.

They’re your teammates… Isn’t that being too indifferent?


Rascal: (Laughs) Although we seem indifferent on the outside, we care a lot and help each other when needed.

You’re still at the top of the standings and your next match is against DragonX. Any last comments?


Kellin: We’ll do our best to continue winning.


Rascal: DragonX’s recent performance is quite good. Although it’s regretful that we lost to T1, if we maintain our top performances, we’ll be able to win.

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