The LPL has banned WeiYan for 2 years due to match-fixing

Image Source: LPL


After Rogue Warriors dropped Jungler Wang "WeiYan" Xiang from their roster three days ago for match-fixing, stating that the player had "conducted activities that heavily violate the team’s regulations," the League of Legends Pro League (LPL) has issued its own punishment. As of today, WeiYan is not allowed to participate in professional League of Legends. The punishment lasts two years until March 27, 2022. Rogue Warriors have been issued a fine of three million Yuan (roughly $420,000 USD) for not keeping their player in check, giving opportunity for this behavior to develop.


In the statement, the LPL explains that it had conducted a comprehensive investigation, which concluded that WeiYan had violated multiple rules. According to the LPL WeiYan "knowingly participated in illegally incentivized activities" and "had intentions to disrupt the fairness of the league". The LPL also provided clarification as to why Rogue Warriors received such a large fine:




Earlier, after Rogue Warriors had decided to drop WeiYan from their team, WeiYan provided a statement on Chinese social media site Weibo. There he stated that, while he initially had accepted a match-fixing offer, he later rejected it and did not accept the money. Though accepting of the decisions Rogue Warriors made, WeiYan said that he had never actually participated in any actions that would compromise the integrity of his LPL matches.

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