KT Aiming: "Kuro really seemed like he wanted to steal the penta, so I hurried up and concentrated to take it."


In the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea Spring Split on the 27th (KST), kt Rolster defeated Hanwha Life Esports 2-0. The bot duo had splendid performances and were voted as players of the games. Kim “Aiming” Ha-ram scored a pentakill with Ezreal in the first game and Park “TusiN” Jong-ik’s Taric’s skillshots and movements were spot-on in Game 2. Following the match, they were interviewed by the casters’ desk.



Congratulations on today’s win. The bot duo’s performance today was amazing. How do you feel having a 6-game winning streak after a 5-game losing streak?


Aiming: I’m really happy that we won. When we had the 5-game losing streak at the beginning, I think we tried everything we could possibly attempt. Now is the time to win more.


TusiN: I’m glad we won. I don’t know if I did well enough to get the POG, but it feels good.

Do you think you’ll be able to win 13 straight matches?


Aiming: I think it’s possible. If T1 can do it, we can also do it.

You had a pentakill today. Which is more difficult: killing five enemies or stopping a teammate from stealing the pentakill?


Aiming: Stopping a teammate is harder. Kuro really seemed like he wanted to steal the penta, so I hurried up and concentrated to take it (Laughs).

There was another chance for a pentakill in the following game. Did you feel that?


Aiming: I didn’t feel it at that moment, but if I did better, it might have happened.

Hanwha Life Esports played Brand support. What did you think?


Aiming: I thought they could play an unconventional champion. I didn’t know that would be Brand, but it wasn’t too difficult to play against.

How will you prepare to play the next games?


Aiming: I’ll do my best to prepare for the following games and win them all. Thank you to all the fans that cheers for us.


TusiN: We said that we’ll get a 13-game winning streak, and it’s not that far away. We’ll do our best to bring good results.


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