Gen.G Ruler: "My team tried to take the Penta from me again, but it feels even better that they couldn’t do so."

Source: Official LCK Broadcast


On the 26th (KST), Gen.G took on DAMWON Gaming in Round 2 of the 2020 LCK Spring. With a set score of 2-0, Gen.G was able to take the victory against DAMWON. Although it looked like DAMWON snowballed the game and looked as if they’ll take the win in Game 2, their attempt to stop Gen.G’s attempt at Baron resulted not only in Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk’s Kai’sa scoring a Pentakill, the game flipped upside down for Gen.G to reverse sweep the game.


After the match, Clid and Ruler joined the official LCK broadcast for the POG interview.



Congratulations on the victory. Can you share your thoughts on the victory?


Clid: Game 1 was clean, but there were problems with our draft and in-game performance in Game 2, so it felt like we struggled to take the second game.

Clid, your record on Jarvan is 10-0 for the 2020 Spring split. Do you feel extra confident when you play Jarvan?


Clid: I’m confident with any champion that I play. It feels like Jarvan does fit me really well. It felt like the enemy thought they could deal with Jarvan, and we were also confident with picking up Jarvan, so we ended up drafting him today as well.

Ruler, you’ve scored another Pentakill. How do you feel?


Ruler: It feels really good. My team tried to take the Penta from me again, but it feels even better that they couldn’t do so.

You’ve scored two Pentakills in a row.


Ruler: Really? Wow… I think that I was able to get the Penta because my team set it up for me really well.

You’ve let DWG have Kalista, and looked as if you’ll take Taric, but let them have Taric as well. What happened?


Clid: It involves the team’s strategy, so it’s a secret (Laughter).

Gen.G played against Nuguri’s Kalista in Game 1.


Clid: I knew he’d pick it. He practiced Kalista in solo queue as well. It’s a champion that can work, so I think that Nuguri picked it tonight.

Gen.G has a new nickname, “Fast-paced Gen.G”. How do you like the nickname?


Clid: Well, Game 2 was too long, so we unintentionally wanted to finish the game as well. The game ended pretty quickly, so our minds are at ease.

The Fans’ expectations are rising. What kind of Gen.G will you be showcasing in the future?


Clid: We’ll improve on our flaws from Game 2, and make sure to perform better next week.


Ruler: Our practice is going well, so I think we’ll be able to continue satisfying all the fans cheering us on. Thanks for all the support.

Bdd played his 300th game in the LCK today. Care to comment?


Ruler: I think he still needs to play more… No, no, congratulations!

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