Reporters Without Borders built a library in Minecraft to offer global access to censored journalism

▲ Image Source: The Uncensored Library


Reporters Without Borders has utilized Minecraft in a unique new effort to fight censorship. 'The Uncensored Library' has been constructed on a Minecraft server to offer global access to journalism that has been censored by governments around the world. 


Governments of several countries have banned social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and a further tightening on access to social media has been enacted in response to the outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). 


Minecraft, however, can be played anywhere in the world, and the world-building nature of the game has lent itself to creativity in a variety of ways since the game's inception over a decade ago. However, The Uncensored Library marks a usage of the game for the greater good of humanity on a global scale in essentially enabling freedom of the press through its digital archives. 


From the perspective of creative function in Minecraft, the library is as majestic as it is important. The inside features beautiful, ornate ceilings structured around skylights that offer 'natural' sunlight into the building.  Outside, a full digital courtyard with coordinated gardens punctuated by a large monument in the shape of a clenched fist, a universal sign of resistance.


MediaMonks, a digital production company in the Netherlands, teamed up with designer agency BlockWorks to bring the project to fruition. Minecraft is played by nearly 150 million players monthly, and due to its global interconnection, is playing an unexpected but surprisingly important part in ensuring free press is accessible to citizens worldwide.

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