GEN Head Coach Edgar: "Many people called us a ‘super team’, but I’ve never thought that. We're just a well-balanced team."


In the first match of Day 20 of the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea Spring Split on March 1st (KST), Gen.G Esports defeated APK Prince 2-0 and continued their winning streak. It was their 4th consecutive win. After the match, head coach Choi “Edgar” Woo-beom had a brief interview with Inven.


You’re tied at 1st with T1 with today’s win. How do you feel?


The set score is becoming more important so I’m satisfied that we won 2-0. We’ll be meeting T1 early in Round 2. I think it would be interesting if we meet while both teams are on a winning streak.

The mid-jungle is doing really well. It seems the performance and synergy got better than early in the season. What do you think?


Obviously, as they’ve played with each other longer now, they learned about each other’s styles and now know better about what kind of play they would do. We didn’t think they were underperforming early in the season. It was a matter of synergy and I thought it would progress over time. I had them practice that specifically as well.


I think they’re at about 50-60% now. There were quite a few mistakes today regarding shotcalls. We need a bit more time to build better synergy.

Gen.G used the ‘fasting Senna+Tahm Kench’ comp. Is it clearly a top-tier comp?


Yes. We haven’t used it too much, but the win rate was high during practice so we used it.

Rascal has a high damage percentage within the team. Some people were worried about him when Gen.G’s roster was initially formed. What do you think of him?


I’ve always thought that Rascal can have a big influence on the team. Many people called us a ‘super team’, but I’ve never thought that. We're just a well-balanced team. Rascal is a player that’s always helpful when it comes to team play.

Is there a player that you especially have more faith in on stage?


I think it’s all similar. The practice or the player’s condition that day is more important.

Im “Tom” Jae-hyeon joined the team as a coach. Has he adapted well?


Tom’s doing well. He participates in the feedback sessions and talks about detailed parts so it’s very helpful. He brings up very precise details. Since he’s about as old as the players so the players feel comfortable around him.

What’s the biggest difference between the two supports, Life and Kellin? Life has been starting more often. Is there a reason?


Life is more aggressive. I think both players are talented. Currently, Life is playing because we can draft more conveniently. In terms of ability, Life and Kellin are both really good.

Your next opponent is SANDBOX gaming.


As we did, we won’t be careless. Our goal for Round 1 is 8-1, so I’d like to win that match and finish the round in a good mood. Although SANDBOX is on a losing streak, they’re a strong team. We’ll keep concentrated to play the match well.

Any last comments?


The whole team is working hard. With the coronavirus epidemic, we’re just going back and forth between the team house and practice facility. I hope it all gets well so that we can go around more. There’s only one match left to play in Round 1, then we only need to concentrate in Round 2. I’d like to say let’s continue to work hard like this to the players. Thank you to all fans who cheer for us, and take care.

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