MAD Lions Carzzy talks about team synergy: "I do a lot of weird crazy stuff so other people can laugh."

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MAD Lions Bot Laner Matyáš "Carzzy" Orság joined Lara Lunardi in the League of Legends European Championship to talk about team synergy, his relationship with his teammates and the coaching staff.




What was the first team encounter like?


Well, it was what I expected it to be. All the people are friendly, everyone is friendly. There one is really weird. *pause* Maybe me.

Is that so?


Yeah, it is. *laughs* I have positive vibes from this team.

Why do you say that you’re probably the weirdest one?


Hmmm…because I think I am the funniest guy on the team and I do a lot of weird crazy stuff so other people can laugh.

And what do you think making your teammates laugh helps in?


I think it helps the team to connect together a.k.a. team bonding and I think that’s very important in a team environment.

How do you guys bond aside from the jokes you make?


I think from playing together on the stage, from winning, and from losing. Every single time on the stage just makes us feel closer to each other and I think that also the practice. We are spending seven to eight hours with each other a day.

Do you ever get sick of them?


Hmmm...Yes *laughs* I think everyone does.

And who is your best friend in the team?


Hard to say, like, it’s Orome or… I don’t know, everyone’s equal!

Everyone’s equal?! That’s a lie, every parent has its favorite child!


*laughs* Okay, I guess Orome is my favorite child.

You guys have been performing super well this split. Why do you think that you guys have been working so well together?


Because we are having a lot of fun together, we are not scared to do stuff and to test new combinations on stage, you could see that today *laughs* it didn't work out. We are quite open and we have a good mindset about the game and that’s why we are kind of successful.

What led you to pick Ezreal today (Ezreal led to a lost against Origen this weekend with Ezreal-Yuumi)?


We’ve been practicing it and we thought it was good, but it’s almost likely it’s not that good… *laughs*

“We thought it was good but then it wasn’t!” How do you guys deal with loss?


Everyone deals with loss on their own. I most likely just play solo queue, I guess others will do as well. I’t the LEC, we can’t expect to win all the time.

So, you play it like out of rage or out of sadness? Or are you practicing?


Because I am bored and there is nothing else to do basically.

How do you feel about coaching? I feel like he is doing a really good job bringing you guys all together.


Yes, I agree, Mike is completely on a different level, he’s friendly, he’s smart, he can lead a team. His understanding of the game is pretty high, I have never met anyone smarter about the game than him, it kind of just feels nice to hang around him.




You are the youngest in the team, and in the league. Do you think that puts any sort of pressure on you?


I don’t think so. I’m the youngest, so there is not much pressure on me, people don’t expect me to be the best one yet.

And do you have a word to the fans that watch you in the LEC?


Yes, I love you guys and thanks for all the support blows kiss


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