'Better bot lane wins?' Zven and the other bot laners across the major four are leaders of the KDA


The bot laners of each region took their spots as the leaders of KDA (kills, death, assists) in their respective regions. 


In the LCK, LPL, LCS, and the LEC, there’s an interesting trend in data (gathered up to the 17th), which is similar across all four regions. Bot laners of each region were in first place in KDA, and currently, there are two players that have a perfect KDA.


In the LCK, All iN, the mid laner for Afreeca Freecs is a player that currently holds a perfect KDA. Previously known as SSUN, he only played two games in the league, so this data may not hold too much meaning. Even still, All iN played Pantheon in both of his games and with a total score of 5/0/13, he holds a perfect KDA.


Closely following All iN and tied for second place in the LCK, is Gen.G’s mid laner, Bdd, and bot laner, Ruler. With both players having an 8.1 KDA, Bdd’s combined KDA is 22/8/43, while Ruler’s KDA is at 31/7/27.


In the LPL, JDG’s bot laner, LokeN, earned himself a new nickname: ‘The Immortal’. After Week 1 in the LPL, the league was suspended indefinitely due to the Corona19 outbreak. Due to such, LokeN was only able to play four games, but he still has a total score of 29/0/25 and holds a perfect KDA. Despite him playing in so few games, his Kill and Assist score is so high, that the word ‘perfect’ suits him pretty well. Coming in second, the top laner from the same team, Zoom, has a total score of 12/2/30, and a 23 KDA, but because of LokeN’s monstrous performance, his achievement has been somewhat overshadowed.


In the LCS, there was also a player who, until recently, maintained a perfect KDA. Although the one death against Dignitas dethroned him as the ‘perfect KDA player’, the bot laner for Cloud9, Zven, still went 0/1/7 against Dignitas and holds an incredible record. With a combined score of 31/1/53, his total KDA stands at 83.


A player that was famous for having a high KDA like Zven was Chovy, when, at one point, held a 104 KDA in the 2019 LCK Spring. Chovy holds the record of being the first player to have over 100 KDA in a professional league, and with Zven closely following suit, many are wondering if Zven will be able to beat Chovy’s record. Closely trailing behind Zven in the LCS is his lane partner, Vulcan, who has a total score of 4/3/61 and a total KDA of 21.7.


In the LEC, the bot laner for Origen, Upset, holds the highest KDA in the league. Currently, his total score is 36/5/40, with a total KDA of 15.2. What’s noticeable about the LEC is that the player with the 2nd highest KDA in the LEC is a player from a different team. Apart from the perfect KDA from All iN, but an odd variable because of the low number of games, and the two Gen.G players with the same KDA closely following All iN, this is the only region that has a player from a different team that holds the 2nd highest KDA. Currently, Misfits Gaming’s bot laner, Bvoy holds a total score of 22/7/50 with a 10.3 total KDA.


If you rule out All iN for the low number of games he played, and Gen.G's mid laner, Bdd, every single leader in the KDA department across the four major regions are all bot laners. Perhaps the current meta of playing safe early/mid game to scale into the late game can be a point of explanation for this interesting trend.

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