DWG Nuguri: "Since we're desperate for wins, I think I have a long way off before I talk about winning the Season MVP."


On Sunday, DAMWON Gaming took on KT Rolster in Round 1 of the 2020 LCK Spring Split. With a set score of 2-0, DAMWON took down KT to secure the victory. Tonight has been a night to remember for top laner Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon, as not only did he prove himself to be unkillable on Ornn in Game 1, he did 32K damage to champions as Kayle in Game 2 to receive Player of the Game for both games.


Nuguri joined the press room for the post-match interview to talk about the victory.



Thoughts on the victory?


Our team atmosphere was pretty down because we kept losing. We told ourselves that we have to win, and we’re glad that we won 2-0.

Although Game 1 was pretty one-sided, Game 2 was a bit of a struggle. Despite being down, did you know that you were going to win Game 2?


In Game 2, at some point in the game, I did think that we might not be able to win. We told ourselves to take it slow to take the game back. With the Baron steal and getting Mountain Soul, we knew we solidified our victory.

After you lost to Gen.G in your last match, how did you manage to prepare for this match?


Although there was only one day to prepare, we sat together and talked about how we should be more aggressive in our drafts, and to really engrave and execute the things we need to do in the game.

In the current meta, how much influence does top lane have?


Compared to last year, there’s definitely more influence. This is because there’s a lot more you can do in the top lane. With two Rift Heralds spawning, there are new variables to be considered, and if a team has a definite lead, the pace of the game can be accelerated through dives or Heralds.

In ShowMaker’s last interview, he stated that his personal performance was 0.3 out of 10. How do you rate the team's performance tonight?


I’d rate our team’s performance 7/10. We did win in the end, but I feel like we could’ve snowballed the lead faster in Game 1, and we should’ve never fell behind in Game 2.



How is coach Zefa’s coaching style different from that of coach Kim?


They’re both great. Coach Kim is more focused on making calls and teamwork, while coach Zefa is focused more on in-game calls. They’re both great leaders in their own rights.

You received five PoGs for all the games you've won. Do you think you'll be able to receive the Season MVP award?


I think that our first priorities are to win a lot more matches. Since we're desperate for wins, I think I have a long way off before I talk about winning the Season MVP.



Your next week’s opponents are Griffin and SANDBOX.


We’re aware that we’re underperforming and at the moment, our team atmosphere isn’t too great. However, we did make it to Worlds last year, so we’ll definitely work hard to improve.

Lastly, anything you’d like to say to your fans?


We’ll continue to work really hard and come back strong next week. Thank you.

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